Which is easier: Learning how to program in C++ or Java OR learning how to play the piano or keyboard?

Since the school term ended, I've been sitting at home doing nothing. I figured since I have nothing to do, I might as well read a book and possibly learn a new skill. In fact, there are two things I've always to do and that is learn how to program games or learn how to play a keyboard so I can make music on the computer.

Anyway, in your opinion which is easier to do? Learn to play piano and basic music theory or learn how to program? I've tried both and haven't gotten very far. I think I should just focus on one thing instead of trying both.


well, actually I might try to learn some form of BASIC. Possibly VB. C++ is too advanced for me.

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    Depends on how good you want to be. Learning basic java and basic keyboard are both pretty simple. But generally playing keyboard well is a lot harder.

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  • 4 years ago

    Absolutely. Although Java is derived from C++, there is no reason that you can't just go straight to Java. There are plenty of resources for teaching object oriented programming and the various things that go into that, and many of them don't even bother specifying a language. I might adjust your question by stating that going straight to Java before learning C++ will not hinder your educational process. Java isn't tough to learn, but most people have to learn a new way of thinking in order to write software. I'd recommend "Head First Java" if you're just learning programming in general. It's a spectacular introduction to the topic of how Java code is written.

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    VB is very easy..i took a class in HS for it last semester and its simple. there is a book that has lessons to teach you.

    Beware: There is a good amount of math involved in programming so if you are not decent at algebra or geometry then id choose music. Note i only said decent, not good lol

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