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How do I change my myspace backgorund?

I have the html code and everything but it won't change

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    go to edit profile and make sure you put the code in the "about me" section with no other code besides your layout code... then save all changes click on home then preview profile.... if it doesn't work then you may have to write the code again

  • Eho
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    1 decade ago

    There are a ton of websites you can go to. I would search "myspace layouts" on an engine. Then get the "code" for a specific layout you like. It will look like a bunch of gibberish, computer language, but use the "Copy" option on your computer, then "Paste" that code in any one of your sections on myspace. (edit your profile and paste the code in any section... good luck!

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    some times you get some layout but it won't work on myspace try this web

    chose the one you want, copy the code, go to your space, edit profile, paste it in about me save all changes, then click home then profile and it should be there!

    good luck!!

  • 1 decade ago

    go to edit profile and put the code in it somewhere

    copy the code fiirst then paste it in one of the boxes simple as taht

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