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Has anyone had the Birmingham hip resurfacing procedure done in the USA . I would like to have some feedback?

I have been diagnoded with Ostioarthitis of the hips (Advanced) I am probably going to have hip surgery in 2007. The Birmingham hip resurfacing proceedure was recently approved by the FDA and is said to be much better than conventional hip replacement for someone like myself who is rather young and active. I am 52 and figure I have had the OA for about 10 years before being diagnosed recently. I would like to hear from anyone who might have had the procedure done.

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    I see that no resurfacing patients have come forward to reply to your question. I have not had the procedure; I have had both hips replaced at age 58 with metal/poly bearings, a few years before the FDA approved the resurf device. Up to that time, some Americans went abroad to have it done (some went to Belgium).

    What I can offer you are a couple of links to additional reliable information about the procedure. Keep in mind that it can be a rather contentious topic among U.S. ortho surgeons who continue to debate the issue. However many have had their hips resurfaced (particularly young people - I guess "young" in this case is under 50).

    These links may interest you and are from a website compiled by a Swedish orotho surgeon as a service to patients. It appears in (slightly fractured) English translation. Also note that this site includes comprehensive info on hip replacements also.

    Also, you may want to research the new materials (and techniques) that are being used in conventional hip replacements - such things as ceramic and metal/metal bearings, which may prove to last longer than metal/poly, especially in more active people. A place to begin this research might be the website that I referenced above. You may decide that a conventional hip replacement performed by a skilled surgeon who has done lots of hips on people like you is a good choice. Shop around for your surgeon while you are shopping around for devices.

    I've had my hip replacements for 4 and 4 1/2 yrs. and am very happy with them. If I were having my hips replaced today, I would at least ask about ceramic/ceramic bearings. IMHO, the 50s present somewhat of a dilemma - you just might outlive your implant if you live long enough and have to have a revision when you are in your 70s or even 80s. And revision surgery is major surgery. The idea behind resurfacing is that by conserving the femoral head (not amputating it), the patient is postponing the total replacement. But - the eventual total replacement is another major surgery. So it may be a matter of whether you want your two surgical procedures to be 1) a primary resurf job, followed years later by a THR, or 2) a THR, perhaps followed many years later by a revision THR.

    As you look for surgeons, ask lots of questions.

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    Is this procedure done in the state of alabama?? birmingham alabama?

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