Girls only plzz...the monthly female problem?!?

This month I have had 2 cycles. Both of them were not normal. They were light in flow and brown in color. What could this mean.

I took a pregnancy test because we are trying and it came up negative.

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    1 decade ago
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    i would not get too concerned yet. it could be caused from stress. have you made any changes in your diet? were you taking birth control before trying to conceive? are you currently taking any new medications? prescribed or over the counter. many things can play a role in it. but i think yours may just be stress induced.

    if you notice things getting worse, contact your gyno. i hope this helps.

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  • 3 years ago

    the dep. is in all probability what's inflicting all of this bleeding and soreness. you incredibly would desire to work out your conventional practitioner to be sure you at the instant are not hemorrhaging. in any different case, in the event that they discover out not something is faulty, bleeding for a protracted time would be very time-honored. i be attentive to it sounds fabulous, yet I even have been bleeding for the previous 6 months. heavily. entire there has purely been approximately 2 weeks the place it stopped. I even have some diverse uterine situations, and have been on a lot of hormone remedies. at present they're unsure why the bleeding hasn't stopped, in spite of the incontrovertible fact that this is not a factor of outrage. the sole factor you may desire to do is shop up on your iron so which you do not grow to be anemic. yet first and astounding ensure you spot your conventional practitioner to make confident this is all ok. this is nice to to ask approximately endomitriosis. women human beings with endomitriosis adventure heavy sessions and severe cramps, a lot worse than maximum women human beings. examine in alongside with your conventional practitioner, and if all is okay, it is going to ease your recommendations to be attentive to that this is okay to bleed heavily. additionally attempt to be certain yet another hormone selection, or maybe something without hormones in any respect. appropriate of success.

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