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Any ideas of a blush that actually looks natural and stays on all day?

do you 'powder' after applying blush?

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    yes of course because you could see the blush more beautifully,

    i recommend you to try on the body shop's lip and cheek stain. it's liquid blush, stays all day, you could adjust the color you want to put on and you could put it on your lips!


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    I recommend you to use MAC blush because it has so many color tones for you to choose from.

    You apply powder after only when you use cream blush.

    But using cream blush is more difficult than using a normal blush. And if you're not good at using cream blush, it will makes your cheek looks unnatural.

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    I think a cheek tint would do just fine... It looks natural esp when your have a light complexion. The key is finding a right color for your skin type and color. It all depends. And not applying too much will help too! And yea, you can puff a little powder after applying cheek tints to get rid of the 'shine'. Make sure not to puff on too much.

    Products of Shu Uemura & Body Shop are good... THough a little pricey, (for me) you get the value out of your money! Other brands will do, just make sure you pick the right color and shade for your skin. Hope this helps!

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    I take the same lipstick that I use on my lips (cause it matches my complexion perfectly) and use it (sparingly of course - like using a cream blush, which is basically the same thing) on my cheeks as well. It stays on all day. Because it (along with my lips) is matched to my complexion, not my outfit, I can use the same color with everything. I do not use powder or foundation - I think it kills the life in your complexion. I do use some undereye concealer for circles. That and a bit of eyeliner on eyes and brows is it.


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    I like Stila's Convertible Color. It's a cream blush (not powder), so either you like the texture or you don't, but I love the look and durability of it. Other cream blushes may give you the same effect if you don't want to shell out the dough for Stila.

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    I use the blush from Maybelline and it stays on all day... I love it :)

    yes, you should apply the blush AFTER your powder so that it becomes the prominent color on your cheeks.

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    I reccommend a cream blush

    apply only to the apples of the cheeks

    & if you have fair skin look for peachy tones

    a little goes a long way!

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    I use Maybelline Dream Mousse blush.

    It is excellent. It blends it well, goes on smooth, last all day, and leaves you with a natural look. :)


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    well i pinch my cheeks and they stay really long depending how long you do and how hard. Trust me it looks much better then blush cuz you have to do color choosing for your skin and it is bad. Pinching gives the perfect color.

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    If you have fair skin, use benefit danelion. its a powder and has a little it of gol shimmer in it that looks really pretty!!

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