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what can i do to fix a digital camera if it says there is a memory error?

i was deleting some pics and the batteries came out.and when i cut it back on it says there was a error

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    Remove the batt's again, with the camera off. Wait 20 seconds, then reinstall. Turn on. It should have reset.

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    There is nothing wrong with the camera.

    It's the memory card that has the problem...the camera was busy deleting photos, when it abruptly lost it's power.

    You should try to format the card in the camera (if it will let you). This is done in the Menu. Look up 'format' in your user manual if you do not know how to do this.

    Or you could try to format the card on your PC in Win Xp if that doesn't work. But it's usually better to format in the camera.

    Or if nothing works...just get a new card. And always make sure your battery cover is firmly shut!

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    Format the card in the computer with a card reader. Most likely it will choose the correct settings for formatting the card. If it still doesn't work try setting it to FAT16 and no volume name.

    Give it a shot.

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    Try to format the card if that does not work try another card

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    go to menu ,then setup then press format or watever then click yes if all else fails reset factory settings

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    Try another card

  • al
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    Try all the above first, then you may have to reset it back to factory defaults.

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