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Does anyone know of a site or program where I'd be able to download artist music without the lyrics?

Only the beat and no lyrics.

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    Any of the good karaoke sites will have downloads for songs sans lyrics. Start with www.karaoke.com . They're not free, of course but are available...

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    4 years ago

    you're asking a thank you to dedicate against the regulation thoroughly, and that isn't in any respect be attainable. If somebody hosts song information on a critical server, they get close down immediately via regulation enforcement. the only thank you to stay to tell the story is via utilising P2P, it somewhat is extra durable to song and close down. yet this same distributed sort potential there isn't any critical authority and no thank you to be sure a report is what it claims to be. Hackers love taking great thing approximately grasping criminals, on the grounds that they're difficulty-free prey. What are you going to do, whinge to the police which you have been attempting to scouse borrow one difficulty and have been given tricked? not lots sympathy there. whether you do be able to stay away from malware, you're nevertheless susceptible to criminal quotes and courtroom situations for unlawful downloading. in case you're interior the US, Congress is passing extra rules making the punishments harsher and making ti extra convenient to song down unlawful downloaders. in case you want to be secure, you will desire to get your song legally. which potential determining to purchase it, not stealing it. in case you're a criminal, you have not have been given any ideal to whinge once you get burned via your fellow criminals or regulation enforcement.

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    yahoo music

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