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OCD Symptoms?

From middle to high school, I always wore my ring, earrings, and watch every day or else I felt something bad would happen. If I forgot, I would drive all the way back home to put them on. I always did my daily things in the morning in a certain order and in the same amount of time every day, keeping track of the time constantly. If I was a minute off, I would freak out. Also, I never tied my hair up just because I never did and never wanted to start or else it would feel weird. This was all before I even heard of OCD. It's changed a bit. Now, Even though I shower daily and all, I pick my scalp for dry spots/scabs constantly, look thru my hair to pick my split ends thru out the day every day, and even pick other scabs on my legs and arms. I have dark spots/scars now bc of it that ppl notice! Are these signs of OCD? I am dealing with depression and some anxiety problems as well.

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    Absolutely. The picking of scabs is a classic sign, on top of the obvious obsessions/compulsions you described. My gf has very serious OCD and she picks her scalp constantly. I know it seems bizarre that it's connected to this anxiety problem but we've read many books on the subject and it's well documented. Do try to get some help for it, it's really serious and can impact your life very negatively if left unchecked.

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    you are showing some classic OCD symptoms. there is help for you.the right meds and therapy can really give you a new freedom.

    all the best!

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    Well you could have OCD but i think it is thinking you have OCD that is what is making you like this. I know you are saying ''he is wrong'' but here me out. if this is OCD i would try to forget about it and do your normal routine and remeber dont think that you have to have anything

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    A doctor can tell you for sure, but it does look like it.

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