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Soundblaster card installation problems?

Soundblaster card installation problems - brand new card - software installed just fine, but when you run it the software cannot find the card. I put the card in a different slot. Same problem. Its a top of the line soundblaster card and running xp home. any suggestions? I dont think the card is bad.

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    In control panel check to make sure that all the drivers are installed.

    Under the system tab, check the hardware, device manager tab and see if the sound card does not show any errors such as missing or incorrect drivers.

    If so, go on line and download a updated driver from

    Test the sound card using the sounds tab in control panel to make sure its all being recognised.

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    I believe I would uninstall the software and the card, turn the computer off. remove the card, boot up again, then turn off insert the card in a different slot, then let windows install the driver. If windows doesn't pick it up then run the disk. Sometimes it takes a few minutes for windows to see the card so allow 3 minutes before you give up.

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    I think it's not seated good.

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