hat would be the best out of these?


im looking for a good MP3/CD/AM/FM radio that is good sound and apperence... preferavly a black with a blue looking screen thanks

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    its youre choice not mine you have to live with it why are you asking a complete strainger

  • Corey
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    1 decade ago

    i dont know where you found that site but i wouldnt keep my options limited to a selection some dude made on his computer late at night because he wanted to brush up on his html skills. And judging that he decided to add a radio to his list by a company named xxx (not saying they are bad or anything, im sure they are a very proffessional company striving to make good ... RADIOS... for young MEN to look at and enjoy..alot..) i think we all know what the maker of that site did later that night... maybe he read a book... on radios.

    But seriously, dont rush your decision.. if you have any plans to add accessories to your car.. like adding a bluetooth adaptor to your radio to play your phone thru ur speakers.. then be sure it has the outputs to do that. Also, look at all your options... dont rush out and buy a jvc radio if you didnt know sony or pioneers made better ones for the same price. my suggestion.. Pioneers.. great sound quality... easy to use buttons.. the $200+ ones tend to have a better look too. If your confident in your wiring skills and problem solving skills or willing to pay a pro to install your radio then go for a Dual radio. They look freaken sweet and look complex... but really they are a sinch to operate. it even has something called an "iPlug" to plug in tons of different media players including mp3's, which most other radios dont. If you dont go with the Dual.. then look into buying an FM transmitter for your ipod. I have a belkin fm adapter that plugs into my ipod then into my cigarette lighter and it comes in 90% clear. Ill link you to Dual + Pioneers website so you can look at a real site.. just remember Dual radios look sweet but dont really tell you how to wire it to your car.. especially foreign made cars.. your basically on your own. Hope this helps! goodluck

  • 1 decade ago

    one you could look into is planet audio


    prices start at $149-$289

    good luck on getting what you want.

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