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how much should i weigh?

im 13 and 5ft. how much should i weigh?

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    I was about that height at that age and I weighed about 120 lbs. By the time I was 14 I went down to 110. I'd say depending on your frame size somewhere between 100 and 125 lbs. would be a healthy weight.

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    I'm 13 and 5'1''

    I just recently took a test to see if I was at a healthy weight,

    and I weigh around 98 pounds. the results said that I was a

    bit under weight, but not by much. I think it said that the average

    weight of someone with my measurements is in between 100 & 120.

    hope that helped.

    happy new year.

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    I am 13 and 4'9 and i weigh 90 pounds thats because I m a cheerleader. If your not a cheerleader or into any kind of sport and are at a normal height for your age you shoud probably weigh any where from 90 and up I guess. Sorry I'm not much of help. Best of luck.

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    Eat nourishing and not junk food with plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables. Chew each morsel at least 32 times. This will activate ur message system from stomach to the brain so that u stop eating as soon as u feel full. Take plenty of regular light exercises and go for brisk walks. All unseemly spots will loose inches with pleasure in a reasonable time.

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    Stupid question, its not the weight that matters. Different people have diferent sized frame, people are big-bonned or small-boned. Some people are heavy because they have lots of muscle. Muscle weighs more than fat. So don't worry about how much you weigh. If you think you are fat then go see your doctor.

    But on that note, if you have to ask other people if you are fat or not, then 99% of the time it means you are not fat.

  • egan
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    Sis, at your age don't worry too much about your weight as long as you're healthy and not obese. You're still on the process of growing up and your body is going through a lot of changes and you need a lot of nourishment's. Just be active and join a lot of sports and you'll be okay.

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    if you want a small frame you should weigh 90- 100 lb medium frame is 101-115

    and oh yeah if you are a kid check a kid"s scale and adult check an adult"s scale.and adult scale will proubibly tell you that you are underweight no matter what your weight is if you are a kid and if you area kid ages 5-15 only a kid"s scale would tell you the truth

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    ask your doctor. i think just about no one can answer that except your doctor. some people might guess, but there is no average to a 13 year old weight, or any other age, for that matter. if you feel bad about your weight, or not sure if your underweight or overweight, again, SEE YOUR DOCTOR. he/she is the only one who could tell you if you are either over or under. even then, it might not be that accurate. just feel good about yourself, no matter what.

  • Anonymous
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    Anywhere between 104 to 137 lbs. It depends on your frame size.

  • Anonymous
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    You should weight around 95-98 llbs. but no more than 100 =/

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