Females. What quality in a man can you not live without?

Male qualities.


All the answers dang! I read some that are more attracted to looks, most love sense of humor. Someone even said abs? I can understand the ability to work out with your partner which I think is really fun.

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    I refuse to live without honesty, sincerity and fidelity. I give those things and I expect them in return.

  • Jess H
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    Well, this isn't JUST a male quality, but I absolutely can NOT live with a guy without a sense of humor.

  • The fact that they are men and that they act so different but that's what makes you love them and want to be with them and it's one of the things we can't stand. Even if a guy does not like us back we still go trying to impress him because we need to believe in our hearts and minds they love us back and that we are trying for a reason. That is a quality of a man women get hypnotized by.

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    honestly, brains.

    The sexiest part about a man is when he can mentally out-rule and over-stock me.

    When I ask him a question, and he knows the answer it is the hottest moment, right then.

    Physically, I would have to say his teeth, and abs are the most important qualitys, and any man who is willing to work out with me on a regular day basis, is hotter than any man who isn't.

    I hope I helped and I hope I was a good answer, Happy New Year!

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    Whatever dont listen to these chicks, they all want the choco stick and your avatar is dark you dont have to respect anyone or even be charming just show em vaders light saber and they will turn to the dark side, for reals

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    the one quality is chivalry towards us ladies! if he's buck toothed and 400 lbs and is very courteous he's still more attractive than a Brad Pitt likeness with no respect to us girls.

    happy 2007!

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    If you're funny you get 5 points with me, and that's out of twenty. Here's my "chart."

    Hot -- 5

    Funny -- 5

    He's his own person, unique -- 2

    Has some tastes similar to mine -- 1

    At least average in intellect -- 2

    Makes me comfortable around him -- 2

    Respectful -- 1

    Great kisser -- 2

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    Sensitivity and Love..

    Love includes all ok.like caring,sharing,honesty,loyality.etc!

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