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Should Brett Favre come back for another season next year?

I say YES YES YES and PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!!! Once again tonight Favre proved he still is one hell of a player even though he is playing on a team of no names!!! He has and always will be nothing but CLASS CLASS CLASS!!! I'm not a packer fan but I am a BRETT FAVRE FAN!!! The NFL needs Favre more than he needs the NFL. It's so great to watch a guy play with the enthusiasm of a little kid. Favre has never done some GAY endzone dance like Chad " I'm a jag off" Johnson or the other ghetto scumbuckets out there! Please Brett. . come back for one more year. . . you can win another super bowl in green bay after they spend some money this off season and get healthy again for next year. . . PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE come back one more year!!!

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    Yes, he can still play...

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    I'm a Cowboys fan and I have to admit that Brett Favre is one of the best QB's ever to play the game, they managed to get a 8-8 record with a young team, so I believe that if they do things well in FA and in the draft, they will be contenders and win 10-11 games next season.

    I would like to see Brett retire a champion like John Elway a few years ago.

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    I think he should

    a) he can still play

    b) Rodgers hurt his foot or whatever and how ready will he be and how good will the Pack be?

    c) With a young team, would you prefer a stable veteran QB or an inexperienced QB under center providing leadership?

    d) Will A. Green be back? If yes, I think Brett would feel better about coming back. Not another teammate gone to retirment or FA.

    e) Brett mentioned his daughters in school? Is GB the best place for them? That might be high on the list for Brett's decision. One more year isn't that much to me in the big picture scheme though.

    f) Does him coming back help or hurt the tean financially? Hey they were WAY under and Ted Thompson builds through the draft (another NON issue).




    ONE YEAR IS NO BIG DEAL TO KIDS (they adjust well)


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    favre is a class act, he's been around for a long time now, and he's a smart guy, he'll make the decision that's best for him, and we should all be happy with that, he's a great player but in the end it's better he bow out gracefully then have a bunch of people saying he should leave, and you know the way fans are eventually that would happen. i for one would be happy to see him go on a high note, winning a game, and i think that's what he'll do.

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    Yes, because he has done many things on the field that many QBs in the history of the NFL haven't. League MVP, Superbowl Champion, 5000 career completions, most consecutive games started 236, career wins 146, career passing TDs 413. As far as I think he is better than any QB. Excluding Peyton Manning.

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    He won big today against the Bears. If he wants to retire, he can go out on a winning note. He has nothing to prove and should have no regrets. On the other hand, it is obvious why Green Bay fans would want him back again.

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    depends if the packers get somebody good during the draft/free agency

    if they are gonna be out of playoff contention by october, then he should just retire as a winner; not a quarterback that fans will blame for poor play that the team did

    but if they get some big names, and actually challenge the bears and/or get a wild card, he should play; nfc wild cards are up for grabs to any team, even if the team is under .500

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    I hope he does because if he doesn't WHO WILL JOHN MADDEN SUCK UP TO? For a while tonight I thought Madden might propose to Brett. The lovefest was way overboard. Brett is a great qb and a hall of famer to be but not the best ever.

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    He does have a lot of class and i was sad to see he him go even as an Eagles fan. He is a great player to watch but I don't think he will stay 1 more year.

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    I say if he wants to come back and feel like he can take on another season then I say go for it but if he feels like he can't take on another season then it's his choice and his body so he makes the decison. I'm not a packer or brett fayre fan but he's a good quarterback but him returning is his choice and we all have to accept it.

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    No he should not come back what does he have to prove it would be retarded he's not going to win another super bowl or make it to the playoffs again for that matter and anyways he's playing worse than ever he's thrown like 17 interceptions and his quarter back rating is 72.9 that is seventh from last in the NFL among active starters if you ask me it would be better for him and green bay if he stayed home next year come on lets be real

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