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What is wet eyeshadow, please?

I've been browing along the web for tips on eyeshadows when I came across something called wet eyeshadow. Exactly what is wet eyeshadow and how do you put it on? Like, do you buy it or do you make it from dry eye shadow? Do you just wet the brush and then dip it in the dry eyeshadow? Won't it ruin the small circle of eyeshadow then (if it is wet?) A really detailed answer, please. I'm really curious. Thank so much!


Does the wetness damage the brush in any way?

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    Wet eyeshadow can be created using a brush or sponge if you just wet it first, then dip it into your eyeshadow. It doesn't harm anything to do this, and the purpose is to make the color of your eyeshadow bolder.

    Cream eyeshadows are also available from a variety of brands, sometimes they come in a tube and sometimes as a stick (similar to a lipstick). You can apply this with your fingers or a sponge or brush, but it's best to use one with a primer (which you can buy at Sephora.com, just search for primer) so that your eyeshadow does not wear off or crease.

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    I don't know if this is what that particular site meant but I dip the applicator in saline (for my contacts. sterile) and then into the eyeshadow. It creates a more dramatic and longer lasting effect. Buy a pack of disposable applicators and toss after each use. Some brands are permanently affected but back to the sterile thing, you should toss eye makeup after 6 mo. anyway. Practice until you get it right. You can make stark lines or smudge it when it's dry.

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    sure you may ! it somewhat is used instead eyeliner ! be sure you get the type the place it says that it somewhat is be used moist for specific, if not you will smash your eyeshadow and it somewhat is going to be all clumpy and gross. Use your angled eyeliner brush and moist it and stroke it by the eyeshadow somewhat and aplpy it to the two the ideal lid or the backside lid on the factor of the lash line. the excellent thing approximately that's which you have an eyeliner in any shade you want! additionally it somewhat is a extra organic selection

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    Wet eyeshadow isn't actually wet...its more of a creamy type texture srta like the wet foundation...but no its not something you can create yourself and its pretty good to use if you don't put too much on cause if you put too much on when you start blinkin itll get all around your eye

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    Wet eyeshadow is just wetting the brush!

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    don't mix it in the eyeshadow

    its easier to mix the dry powder on ur hand with a seperate wet only brush

    avoid mixing wet and dry wen it comes to makeup and brushes

    use ur fingers, or the wet brush to apply it

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    personally speaking I don't like the result that wet eyeshadow creates! It's just nasty

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    Wet Eyeshadow comes in a tube kinda like lipgloss, its a thick yet kinda runny colored liquid. u put a dab on your finger then move ur finger on ur eyelid and it dries.

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    I just add water to my brush if I want a different texture/look

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