i am inlove with a guy who's taken and practically using me, should i continue seeing him?

i am a single mom, 21 yrs old, my daughter's 2... and i have this man i've been constantly dating with for almost 11 months now..i met him because of a friend--he gave him to me for a valentine date...and not knowing that he's taken for already 2 years more, something intimate had already been happenin' between us now... he told me, it was just a game we're playing but later, he commits he likes me, comfortable with me and likes to love me... and again, later, when i found out about his girl, he said he doesn't like his girl anymore, but he is still seeing her and doesn't want to break-up with her because of me... i am always forthforward about my feelings towrds him, and so i told him that i should leave them alone, but he refused and said, that when the time comes we finish our college, he will be mine... i always say that what he does hurts me a lot, but it would be okay if it is what he likes to do...what's might be his motives?he's pratically inlove with me, maybe...

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    Start the New Year right.

    Dump him. If he truly loves you, he'll come to you freely.

    If not, you are better off and haven't wasted more of your life on someone who will never be yours.

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    I dont get all of that totally but what I do get is that your making a serious serious mistake I'd say drop this one right now! NOW! you have a child to think about and show example to about how to let men treat her right! This man does not love you or this other girl and by now you should know they do not change and dont fool yourself into hoping that he will or that your love for one another will be enough for him to want to change or that you'll make him after he falls for you because no that will not happen, sounds like you've already had enough crap stop it, I mean he's already learned that he can get away with a lot of disrespect twords you and you also are alerady aware that he is dishonast and a cheater where do you think this is going to go after he is more comfortable with you, if you want and can deal with using him as well as a lover until you meet someone worth being with you and your duaghter fine but cut off the feelings and plans but it doesnt sound like your ready for that or need it now and not with him maybe someone else can fill that role until you meet your prince, remember the prince will be harder to find with the additional baggage your gonna carry after another relationship and another possible child to worry about nip it in the bud, good luck Kim

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    Your man is lucky he doesn't have someone like me, I'd dump him without thinking twice. In my opinion, you are allowing him to be this way. Is this how you want your life to be....a constant ping pong.....when things don't go right for this person, then they turn to you or vice versa.

    I had people like this in my life when I was younger and thank my lucky stars that things never happened. It would've only escalated to my roller coaster life.

    Love yourself, don't be so easy on him. There might be someone else that wouldn't put you through all this nonsense. I can't stand men like that, anyways. Open yourself, to date others. It sounds like you have a clean slate, find your ideal mate and make a life.

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    You should most definitely quit seeing him. Any guy/girl who can't give you 100% of himself is not worth having or being in a relationship with. You are selling yourself short and he is using you.

    It's almost like the abused woman who thinks her husband will change so she stays with him and makes excuses for him when she really shoudn't justify it.

    You really can't justify being with this jerk and you deserve better so do yourself a favor and dump him. He will never change and will continue to use you since you let him.

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    For the sake of your daughter... DUMP HIM, don't teach her to put up with sh-- from men. I teach my daughter to always like herself more than the guy. Don't let ANY man deplete your self esteem. It is the most important thing you have. You will draw a nice guy that respects you if you DEMAND it by not wasting you time on loosers .

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    sit down lower back and examine the letter you have written.He does not love you he's using you.you will possibly desire to locate a guy that doesn't have yet another female chum .he's having the wonderful of the two worlds having a female chum who he won't go away and yet another one to sleep with to he's extremely feeling like a actual romeo.go finally end up a sturdy guy who will love you and easily you not make you 2d superb.sturdy success

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    woah.. I dont think u need to be asking his opinion on anything I think that you should leave him alone for one reason... he is seeing someone else and doesnt want to stop... It was pretty hard to understand your story because it almost doesnt make sense but I did gather that he is seeing someone else and does not want to stop... do u like being last???

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    he isn't practically using you, he is using you. Go back and read what you wrote and put yourelf in his shoes. If it was you and you were in love with someone else, would you keep seeing someone you didn't like any more?

  • there is a Lady that has all your answers named Dr.Laura.just do a web search and you will find her.i have heard her refer to women in your situation,as UN paid whores.

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    A man who lies, cheats and plays games with your head. You want to keep him around, why???

    You need to cut all ties and move on with your life. Run, run fast, run real real fast .......

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