Where can I find tasteful lesbian art or photography online?

I'm looking for a picture of two women that I can set as a background on my home computer, but the web seems overrun with pornography, and that is NOT what I'm looking for. So for those of you who can tell the difference, please link me to some tasteful art.




Yes, "The Kiss" is a perfect example of what I'm looking for - I'm familiar with that picture, I'd like to choose between more like it.

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    go to www.allposters.com

    they have a section called women...ranging from the romatic period of naked godesses, to the very popular "Kiss" photograph.

    I love their stuff! You might even decide to order some of them :) Good Luck!

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    I'm not sure what exactly you're looking for- do you want erotic (but non-pornographic) photographs meant to be beautiful and slightly titillating, or just photography of lesbians (i.e. portraits and so on)? And moreover, would you prefer femmes or butches, or femme-femme couples, or butch-femme, or butch-butch?

    I assume you want erotic pictures of femme-femme couples, since that's the default lesbian image in our culture, and what the majority wants to see. Try:

    deviantart.com (search 'lesbian', particularly in the 'Artistic Nudes' section or 'Fetish' section)



    Good luck! Deviantart in particular has some great stuff.

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    Make some art

  • Just do a yahoo or google image search on "lesbian art" .

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    you could search it in yahoo or google there are so many....

    happy new year!!

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    Porn freak.

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