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hi want to buy a wii and i dont feel like sleeping outside i want cto get it off the internet for $250.00 how?

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    Go to Gamestop or EB Games store and wait for the UPS truck to arrive. I was able to get a Wii on Dec.26th this way. Lingered inside the store along with 3 other people for about 1.5 hours. When UPS arrived, box came with 3 Wii's. I was # 3, so it was my lucky day! #4 was out of luck. Supposedly Wii's arrive to these stores on daily basis in small quantities.

    Good luck.

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    Right now you'd have to be real lucky to find a site selling Wii's at $250. It's a matter of right place right time. The bad thing is that even big companies like Circuit City Online and WalMart Online are only selling Wii's in a "package" with a few games for over $500. Best bet is to find out when a local store will be getting some and just waiting a few hours before opening.

    You could always just be patient and wait about a month and it will probably be real easy to buy them in stores.

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    You don't have to camp out at the store to get a Wii. You can show up 3 or 4 hours before the store starts handing out the tickets to get a Wii.

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    hmm you wouldnt be able to get a Wii off the internet for $250 because most people sell it for a profit but the cheapest Wii you would get would be around 300$ but i would say NOT to get it off ebay because you would have to pay for shipping, and plus you wont rely on it much. i would go to because you get to meet the person and buy it from them in person, thats how i got my PS3

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    one way is to go on ebay and order one which would be sent to your house so u wouldnt have to sleep outside.

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    you can try craigslist,,but you might have to give up more $$$

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