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Why does the catholic church support the war in Iraq but says no to abortion?

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    becuz they are idiots

  • 1 decade ago far as I know the Pope/the church, does not support the war in Iraq, in fact, he did not support the hanging of Saddam either.

    Where did you get this idea and could you give me the quote? As I've not heard anything like this and I am a Catholic.....This is totally contrary to everything I have heard and know about. In fact I have only heard the church opposes it and so do I.

    It would be a very odd and contradictory thing to oppose abortion, oppose execution, yet support a war......that makes no sense and nor do i believe it was true. If you have done this deliberately, then you are bearing false witness.

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    Where did you get the idea the Catholic Church supports the war in Iraq?

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    The Catholic Church doesn't support the war in Iraq. Where did you get the idea that they do?

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    The Catholic Church has consistly condemned the war in Iraq.

    The “just war” doctrine requires rigorous consideration to determine if defense by military force is legitimate.

    Offensive war is never justified.

    All the following considerations must be true to justify war:

    1. The damage inflicted by the aggressor on the nation or community of nations must be lasting, grave, and certain;

    2. All other means of putting an end to it must have been shown to be impractical or ineffective;

    3. There must be serious prospects of success;

    4. The use of arms must not produce evils and disorders graver than the evil to be eliminated.

    It has been argued the pre-war Iraq:

    1. Was not inflicting lasting, grave and certain damage to the United States;

    2. Could have been influenced by diplomatic and international sanctions.

    It is argued now that:

    3. There is not a serious prospect of success;

    4. The use of arms has produced evils and disorders greater than the evil eliminated.

    The "new" philosophy of the United States to launch wars to get them before they get us can even be argued as an offensive war which would not be justified.

    With love in Christ.

    Source(s): For more information, see the Catechism of the Catholic Church, section 2309:
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    I wasn't aware that the Church supported the war in Iraq. Can you give proof of that? I can't see it's relevance to the issue of abortion either I'm afraid. Sorry.

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    in the course of the election, I examine plenty from Catholic authors about why McCain's view on the warfare change into undesirable. The warfare in Iraq is in no way global in scale -- this is community. Abortion, on the different hand is global, attacking and murdering people on each continent except Antarctica. Obama advantages to be held responsible for his positions on both abortion and euthanasia. he's an extremist for both, and has little or no regard for human existence if that existence would not meet his own definition of "worthiness." not really is he in desire of abortion on call for, he thinks euthanizing the disabled is a sturdy idea. He needed Tom Daschle to be head of HHS, and Daschle has been quoted as saying that with commonplace well being care, the elderly will merely ought to settle for the diseases of previous age -- which potential he meant to have a shrink-off element for care. After that, you're left to die. keep in thoughts, Obama couldn't also be afflicted to fly to his grandmother's bedside as she lay lack of life (not his mom's both), even inspite of the indisputable fact that the Democratic party might want to have paid for it. He has a reckless thoughts-set about human existence, and that i imagine the Church is the perfect company to carry him responsible for it.

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    Do some research - it won't take much.

    The Catholic Church OPPOSES the war in Iraq.

    (Type "catholic war iraq" into the Yahoo search and take a look for yourself before you start spreading lies about the Church)

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    edited to add - I googled and found nothing that said that the catholic church supports the war.

    However I still say that the church does allow needless deaths to occurr by refusing to allow the use of condoms for AIDS prevention.

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    Of course openly the church will oppose any war, but one can also say that thoughts of being saved can stimulate the Ego, from which war is born. in any case there are those of religious faith who are fighting and the church would support them I assume.

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    Where did you get this crazy idea from? The pope has been calling for peace in just every speech he made for the several months!

    It's your very right to dislike catholicism, but at least get the facts right ok?

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