Arriving at G.P.T. airport tomorrow, need inexpensive transportation to Keesler Air Force Base .?

Shuttles are not running tomorrow, and need transportation from G.P.T. airport to Keeseler Air Force Base (inexpensive). Any recomendations would be greatly appreciated!

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  • 1 decade ago
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    if you are military, you always have the option of calling staff duty of the unit your going to. they wil arrange for pickup

  • 1 decade ago

    In the four years I was in the Air Force, I never found that shuttles were not running. Of course, I was at Offutt AFB which was SAC headquarters at the time and never shut down.

    Check again. In person. It's much easier to refuse someone over the phone or by email than it is in person.If you can't go direct, get closer. It might take a zig zag route, but you should be able to get there. If nothing else you can get within a reasonable bus route distance or a rental car driving distance.

    Weren't you given the option of a commercial flight? I always was, or did you take the compensation and hope to pocket the money and fly for free? It's not necessarily bad if you did so. But you took a gamble and may have lost. That's life.

    Call ahead and tell the CQ at Keesler you've been delayed in transit and that you are on your way. Don't bullshit him. Remember, you have until 2359 to sign in and you can do that by telephone. I have signed in when I was more than 500 miles away from a phone booth in a truck stop.

    Good luck!


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