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If you had to Choose 1 AV program to keep your PC FREE of A Virus.?

I am getting help regarding my Pc and I have AVG and McAfee installed I have read Neg things regarding both of these. I sent in a HJT (HiJackThis) Log and the Individual that is helping me pointed out that I have 2 and it is best to have 1 AV Program at a time.

So My question to u All is:

If you had to Choose 1 AV program to keep your PC FREE of A Virus.

Which would be the AV Program you would choose above all others?

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    i dont even use AV .. after enough experience its best to avoid them ... use a non standard browser .. dont open emails unless ur sure about them .. know what ur doing if u use p2p .... the best app to have is a good anti spyware app like ewido ... you need a software firewall so you know if a bug is trying to call out ... hijackthis is good to run every once in awhile ... and back your system up with an imaging app every month or so to a dvd set or external harddrive as a precaution .... and why dont i run an antivirus app? because antivirus apps work off of known viruses and having a definition for them, and the worst ones are the new ones and after gettin popped a few times because i trusted an antivirus app to protect me i learned that it was me and my decisions online that got me the viruses. Trust me, any of the bigger antivirus apps give about the same protection level .. nortons sucks because it uses too many system resources but if i did use antivirus i would prolly use mcaffee or panda or one of the free ones like avast or avg ... and not trust them too much ...

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    Ad-Aware 2007 Free This free antispyware program with a solid scanning engine has a significantly improved UI. Spybot Search & Destroy Perennial favorite antispyware tool has lots of settings. CWShredder Eliminate an insidious pest that Spybot and Ad-aware can't stop. Windows Defender Spyware fighter lets you examine Windows startup programs. NoSpyMail Block Web bug elements in email messages without having to turn off HTML

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    It is not a good idea to run 2 anti virus programs, as they tend to cause conflicts and slow it down.

    Personally I have used the Symantec AV products for many years, and have found them to do a good job.

    Its purely a personal decision and should not be influenced by others, but use their thoughts as a guide.

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    McAfee is the best option. Do not under any circumstances purchase a Symantec product(Norton). If you are broke and cant afford McAfee you can go for AVG free antivirus.

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    NOD32 antivirus system.

    Its faster than Norton, McAfee, the whole deal. Check the source link for tests between all the big name antivirus programs; NOD32 beats out the rest in every category.

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    you should not run two av programs as they cause conflicts and false positives. I have been using avast home edition, it has real time scanning as well as on demand, it automaticaly scans files you download from the net as well as email and instant messages. I have used it for over a year since i came online and have not had any problems. it is available at best of all its free

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    My vote will go to AVG Free. With my broadband connection, I got commercial version of a popular anti-virus software, but it failed to recognize the viruses though I updated it daily. I have uninstalled it and get back to the AVG Free, which recognizes all the virsues and keeps your system clean. It is free too (free version).

    Get the anti-virus and anti-spyware free versions here:

    >>>Naveen Kumar

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    I'd go with AVG. They are free with limited option versus McAfee where you have to pay after a while(I think).

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    I use Symantec...Not promoting it.

    In my opinion, McAfee is very Invasive and hard to remove if necessary. the other's I know nothing about since I've had only one issue with Symantec products.

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