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Is spaghetti sauce healthy?

I just had about two spoonfuls of spaghetti sauce on my ravioli. Most of it didn't even stick to the ravioli, so I was just eating it off the plate alone. Was the sauce too many calories?


Serving Size: 1/2 cup

Calories: 50

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    Lycopene! Anything made of tomatoes contains Lycopene, and if it's been cooked (like spaghetti sauce), the Lycopene level is higher than raw tomatoes. Eating a lot of lycopene reduces risk of heart disease, cancer (especially prostate cancer), diabetes, osteoporosis, and even male infertility. Lycopene may also be related to a reduced risk of oesophageal, colon, and mouth cancer.

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  • I'm looking at a bottle of delicious tasting Ragu Robusto chopped tomato, oilve oil and garlic sauce. Here is what is says on the label:

    Serving size: 1/2 cup

    Calories 90

    Cal from fat: 40

    Total fat 4.5g

    Sat. Fat 0.5g

    Cholest 0mg

    Sodium 690mg

    Total carb 12g

    Dietary fiber 2g

    Sugars 9g

    Protein 2g

    Vitamin A 10%

    Vitamin C 8%

    Calcium 6%

    Iron 4%

    You likely get more (empty) calories from the pasta than the spaghetti sauce. And don't forget, tomatoes are high in lycopene.

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    Most Spagetti sauces are made of tomato paste or something similar. Tomatoes contain anti-oxidants that neutralize free-radicals in the body They also have many vitamins that can help you fight many diseases, even heart disease and other heart related problems. I would say that if it contain tomatoes, then it probably is pretty good for you.

    50 calories for 1/2 cup isnt so bad either. Its not like you were licking up 3 or 4 cups of spagetti sauce.

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    spaghetti sauce is very healthy provided it was home made or organic or low fat. some sauces that have meat don't wash off the extra fat making it fat ladden. however, tomato sauce, alone is healthier than tomatoes because the canning process makes the flavanoids more powerful for some reason. so, anything made with canned tomatoe products have some added health benefit...salsa, tomato sauce, spaghetti sauce, tomato soup. i'd be more worried about the ravioli than the tomato sauce if i was you.

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    Tomato sauce has a lot of health benefits. However, if your sauce was alfredo, or cream based, you could have added a lot of fat and calories.

    “The latest findings on the benefits of tomato carotenoids, including lycopene, suggest that they may play a role in lung and vision function in healthy people,” says Daniel Nixon, MD, president of the American Health Foundation, and director of the Foundation’s Cancer Center. “Other studies presented further add to our understanding of the benefits that tomato-based foods may have for protection against cancers in specific organs, such as the prostate and lungs, and more recently to a decreased risk of cardiovascular disease.”

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    if they add a ton of sugar its still ok. Tomato sauce is a great thing.. there are so many antioxidants and lycopene. Try to look for a low sugar, and maybe even an organic version... enjoy

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    well raviolly isnt the healthiest food but as long as you eat it in moderation you should be fine. But the sauce isnt a proublem at all!!! you can have as much of it as you want and not gain. Its just a little salt tomatoe and garlic!!!its good for you and so is the raviloi if you eat it in moderation

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    Read the lable, different brands have different amounts of sugar. In general tomato sauce is very good for you.

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  • If spaghetti sauce is the only thing you eat, then I suppose that it isn't good for you, but if you did it just this once, savor it!

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    Maybe, but it tastes good rite?

    Pasta and Tomato sauce is totally healthy in my eyes! :)

    You got your grain in the pasta, fruit in the tomatos, maybe some garlic for your blood stream, some good meat, and some green stuff in the spices.

    Great Stuff- good to taste, good to eat.

    Happy New Year

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