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What do the different guys on a football team do?

I don't know anything about football! Just rushing and passing yards!

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    go to nfl.com, study it, then get back to us, your question is way to broad.

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    qb (quarterback)throws the ball and hands it off

    halfback runs the ball

    fullback leads the halfback through the holes

    center blocks

    guards block (one on either side of the center)

    tackles block (one on the outside of each guard)

    tight end one outside of one of the tackles-- catch passes and block

    wide recievers catch passes

    defensive tackles interior defensive linemen try to get to the qb or ball carrier

    defensive ends (two) on the outside of the d linemen try to get to the qb or ball carrier

    linebacker behing the linemen sometimes blitz the qb sometimes drop back in coverage

    cornerbacks cover the wide recievers

    safetey (1 or2) help out the cornerbacks in coverage

    kickers kick

    punter punt

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    They all have different tasks. Linemen block and help protect the quarterback. The quarterback is to throw the ball to wide receiv...

    just google it

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    wow, that's amazing. Here's a link that should tell you all the players' positions. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/American_Football_pos...

    I had a look at them today too :)

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    All the rules are complicated so you should read this: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/American_football

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    they play there pos..

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