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I need help but this is ackward...?

I like this girl ok, but one problem...She already has a boyfriend. How will I know if they are not going out anymore. I'm not saying I want them to breakup but how will I know if they did? How will she act?I'm not doing anything to harrass them just so everyone knows...


Also lets say they do break up, how will I ask her out without being rude or something like that?

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    Perhaps the easiest way to solve this dilemma is to approach one of her girl friends, (one who you know - or think is nice), and ask her, - explain that you are shy and feel akward about asking. but you do like the girl, and so on. . . and can she, (the girl friend),help you ? Does she know anything about the other girls situation with he boyfriend or exboyfriend, and does she think the timne is right to ask her out? Try to enlist her as a friend to your cause. Ask her to lunch if you feel that she is responding to you,

    Make sure that you tell her you mean no disrespect to her and even though you are "Using Her", it's not in an unkind way, and you hope she understands, (who knows - maybe she winds up being the girl you fall for!). Anyway, if she does for whatever reason agree to help you, (maybe she thinks that her girls friends boyfriend is a real jerk), then you need to figure out a strategy to reach you goal - which is to win her heart.

    There is only one thing you really need to know. "Does she love him?" if she does - walk away. Period.

    He could be a really stand up guy, and you don't have any business sticking your nose in their relationship

    Even if he's a "Bad Boy" type, and she loves him, walk away.

    It doesn't matter if he treats her like poop.

    It doesn't matter if he cheats on her with other girls, or boys, or goats, or horses, or chickens.

    It dosen't matter if he hits her.

    It dosen't matter if he makes her "do" his friends to "prove" she loves him.

    It dosen't matter what he does, or she does . . ;unfortunately if he's a "Bad" boy.and she "thinks" she's in love with him, she will basically do anything foe him, and stay with him, even if he dumps her, she will wait for him, convinced that he will want her back - it's "just a matter of time"

    So it all depends on what you can find out from the girl friend I guess, or if you're a little bolder than I am giving you credit for, perhaps you would do what I would do, and that is just walk up to her with a smile on your face , say hi, - introduce your self if you don't know each other by name, tell her that you think she is the prettiest thing you've ever seen, and if she's not already involved with someone would she do you the great honor of allowing you to take her out this friday night, or some other time? - and see what happens from there.

    That at least should get you you're answer. But don't necessarily give up if she says "sorry she's going out with some one already", You say "Well of course you are - How silly of me - a goddess like you certainly would'nt be unattended, and surely every boy in this school must have asked you out at one time or another I'm sure, - so I'm guessing he must be a college guy - darn I'm not sure how to compete with a college guy, but I do have the advantage of seeing you every day here in school, so maybe I'll just have to try to win you over with my sweet smile and funny disposition. . . uh uh uh - now I know what you're going to say, but just give me a chance I know I'm younger, but I can be obedient, cuddly, funny, and a enthusiatic sex slave, so just think about it my mistress, - Oh look at the time - gotta run, I'll report to you after school to carry your books, or give you a back rub, or carry you home, or what ever you desire. (And then off you go - Poof. Use humor to win her over - the more outrageous the better - Good luck

    I'm pulling for you.

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    If she has a boyfriend leave them alone if she is with him it is for a reason. Just talk to her maybe say " hey how are things with the boyfriend" that will definitely solve your problem. If they have broken up don't move in on her too quick girls need space, show your interest such as " what happened?" "Is there anything i can do?" "Are you alright?". Theres nothing a girl wants more than someone who cares. After that just start up conversation, if you are nervous let her know she may just blush :]

    Good luck!

    let me know how things go.


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    Theres no way to know, unless you slowly try to bring into the conversation about her boyfriend. Make it seem unintentional. Talk to her and chat with her about something completely unrelated, anything could be transitioned into "hey so hows that "dude" that you're going out with". Then wait a couple days and ask her out. There ya go!

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    There are different types of reactions

    Everybody handles things differently..

    Here are some actions;

    She'll act.

    Distant from her (Former) boyfriend

    Down in energy in social activities



    Flirt with others around her

    Doing activities to get her mind of the trouble

    Trying to act flirtatious in front of her (former) boyfriend

    In basic terms:

    She will either be sad about it


    She will be trying to get back at her boyfriend

    If she is actually breaking up with her boyfriend

    be smooth and have you be the shoulder she cries on

    Source(s): friends and myself
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    Keep in touch with her. And ask her on occasion how her boyfriend is doing. Don't ask how she and her boyfriend are doing. Trust me if they are broke up she'll tell you. But, try and find an available girl. It's a bad habit to be coveting another man's girl.

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    One of the greatest lessons in life is that you control yourself. Leave her alone and find a single girl. In cases like yours, your ego needs to be satisfied. This is done by attempting to attain some one or something that belongs to another. If you win, your ego is fed. However, let this happen once in your life and your life, along with others will be ruined for ever. Get help, fight this temptation and do not ever give in to it, please.

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    Be friends with her. If you stay in touch with her, you'll know if they ever break up. However, seeing her often will make it hard for you to stop thinking about her and that won't be good in the event that they don't ever break up. If you can be prepared for that possibility and accept it, then I think that being friends with her is your best bet.

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    Do you know any of her friends or have friends in common? You could keep tabs through them. Just keep your eyes and ears open generally.

    You sound like a decent guy for not wanting to intrude on her relationship!

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    just ask people, or just look for someone else, best bet is to look elsewhere the truth of the matter is she may not even be interested at all and or may never break up with this guy

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    get to know her, don't come on to her though, hide your feelings, but keep you antenna up, wait for the signals of the break up, if it doesnt come after a while, talk to her about it, tell her that you like but you didnt want to ruin her love life with your feelings, so you gave her room and could only hope that maybe someday she would come to like you as much as you like her, good luck man

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