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Happy New Year everyone!!!! My husband just told me he wanted a divorce...Will I have a happy 2007???

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    Happy new year 2007.You will have a better 2007.Do not worry,you will find a better and good man in 2007;who will love you indeed.God bless you, and protect you; every single day in the year 2007.

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    Great way to start a new year..Honey, I am so sorry, but sounds like you possibly will have a better year without him than with him. This could be just an exciting time for you if you let it. There is a whole world out there, and now, it's time to see what's out there for you. Sometimes divorce isn't the end of life, it's just the beginning. A few friends that I have just wished they had done it years earlier instead of staying unhappy for so long.

    I am not making light of the situation, sweetie, believe me. Divorce especially if there seems to be "no problems" are shocking and heart breaking. But there is life after the shock wears off and the heart heals. Amazing and wonderful things, but you do have to go through a grieving period. I pray yours is short!

    Happy New Year's to you too! Will you be happy in 2007? YES!

    make it so!

    God bless us all...............

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    Yes! Your 2007 will be simply awesome why? BECAUSE YOUR A SURVIVOR!! I suggest since it's a new year and your crazed husband has decided to go this route for whatever reasons. Go on girlfriend work your stuff!! Get a new do, drop a few lbs if you think you need too, get yourself some new outfits and move along!!

    Do let him know that the world isn't going to stop for you, that this is only the begining don't trip on his way out front door!

    Good luck and again YES your year will be awesome!!


    you deserve better anyway than some rude buttplug of a husband you have now.

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    Divorce the bum and get on with your life. You will have a happy 2007. It couldn't have been that happy in 2006 if he wants a divorce.

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    happy new year ! ( and indeed will be ) now that you are rid of the monkey off your shoulder .

    albeit some hurt and resentment will follow --- when the day is done --- you go down your path and put it behind you and live a little and hopefully history will not repeat itself .

    if there kids involved then it makes things a little more difficult ( particularly for yourself ) but be a survivor ( which you are to put up with this gutless wonder ) but he must have had on his mind for some time --- just the timing is lousy --- maybe his " floosie : wanted ( or demanded ) that he do it this way -- anyhow good luck --- i think 2007 will be good to you .

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    If you wanted to divorce...hell yeah, but if you liked him, then it depends. If you liked him a lot, you will suffer, wait, you are suffering, but if you didn't like him that much, then go forward. There is always something special for you out there. You just have to know how to recognize it, because if you don't, you will be really unhappy in a kinda sort of way. Good Luck!

    Happy new year!

  • Of course you will. Get a good divorce lawyer and take your husband for everything he's got, and think how happy you'll be while spending his money :) Happy New Year!!!

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    Sure you will better things to come . when one door closes another one opens. look at it this way he was miserable and unhappy so you probably felt it and he was distant from you and communmication was bad. now you can find your happiness someplave else. life is too short why stay where your not wanted or loved and not getting the proper love that you or he needs. you will both be better off. keep your chin up and rememberr this is a new and exciting chapter in your life who knows what lies ahead.

    good luck and enjoy

  • I'm sorry, this wasn't a very nice thing to do on new yrs eve. Were you two fighting or did he just spring this on you? No matter what if this is what he chose to do for you tonight I'd bet yes that you will have a happy 07. Tell him thank-you that you needed that and get him thinking.

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    Yes! Happy New Year!

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