who can help? but you've gotta be really deep into religion to answer this question.?

God created us, humans, and everything around us. So up to this point we can assume that God has incredible powers and I guess no one can negate this fact. I'm confident that if he has power to do such things, he might as well know about the destiny of each one of us right?! That being the case, why would he have created some of us, while he knew that this "some" I'm referring to, would end up in hell?

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    No. actually each of our destinations is really up to us.

    we can decide to change our course of conduct if we want.

    What some think as regards God's knowing our decisions and life's course as a matter of fact written in stone is false.

    What he does know, is that if we pursue a course of action based on our decision, he knows what the consequences of those choices will be.

    For instance, I used to get drunk use drugs and have sex with different women. The outcome of these actions was clear for all to see. But, I decided to change. Now I would not consider deliberately doing any of those things. The result has been that all the unhappiness and grief those things used to bring me have been replaced by all the happiness that not doing those things brings to me.

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    The concept that God chose to foresee our destiny negates the fact that "God is love" and that he gave us 'free will'.

    God does not misuse his power in that way, but rather supplies us w/help and direction so that we Can make the right choices.

    Jesus Ransom sacrifice would of been in vain if we were predestined.

    Remember God is PATIENT w/us because he desires all to attain repentance and no one to be destroyed. 2 Peter 3:9

    Also the concept of Hell is not scriptural. Hope this helps.

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