Which course should i take now??


Im a in software developement company. Im a BCom Graduate. but i want to persue my study further. But im not clear as to what should i do that will help me . Should i do MCA or MBA.

Please if any one of you who are a Bcom graduate and took up some studied further. please help..

Happy New Year..

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  • 1 decade ago
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    as u r in software development company i suggest u to go for MBA in I.T which is as per my knowledge new field of study. it will help in getting the knowledge of I.T with management.

    rest if u get any more information about this please let me know.

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    1 decade ago

    You may not like this answer, but It's what I've got.

    I didn't bother with either an MCA or MBA, they seem to be so common around here that it just wasn't worth the effort. For myself, I found a lot of it to be very boring so in the end simply changed directions and went into graphic design.

    Sorry, not a lot of help, but good luck with your decision.

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