How much work do you have to do to make it through Grad School?

I was accepted for Gradschool, and starting my Masters in Information Technology on Jan 8, and im a bit worried. I found out that I have to maintain a 3.0 GPA every semester and an overall GPA of 3.5 to stick in the program. Im taking 8 credits, this semester thats two courses. I generally do well on IT courses, but still im worried at the high standards. Undergrad was shitty, i did OK but I could have done better. So my question, what should I expect on the grad program? is this a back breaking study times? Also Im 23, and im not working full time. Im concerened on how to act around with older people, as im thinking some of them might have families and more mature. I feel like im the immature kid and might stick out. I love participating in class, but i dont know if I should filter all my asnwers to make it sound "professional." Its odd really, Undergrad was real easy for me, i mean I felt like i didnt really do much to get a good grade.


sorry jeff, im not bragging, i just want more responses.

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    The "degree of difficulty" in graduate classes is typically a little higher than undergrad work, but if the school is good, what you will find is the VOLUME of work expected is much greater.

    Prepare to have weekends that belong to your academic life, not for fun.

    Good luck.

    Source(s): I have 3 degrees beyond the undergraduate level: from Ohio University, Syracuse University, and Harvard Business School.
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    I have taken several Master's level classes and they were no more difficult than the undergrad classes.

    I have never officially enrolled in the Grad program, however, from what I have heard from others that have, it is actually easier than the undergrad progams.

    You will do fine.


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    You asked this before. Do you have something against work, or are you bragging?

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