Why do people hate rap when they really don't know what it is?

I seen videos/webites/usernames devoted to say ALL rap sucks. This kinda makes me angry, they havent listen to all rap. They automaticly think just b/c some rappers have half naked girls in their videos/bling on/and care about money all rap sucks. Which i may be wrong but part of black people's culture in america is rap/hiphop music, and saying rap sucks, your really saying black culture sucks, and black peoples suck. Which is on the racist side. But yeahh people really need to reseach about rap music before they judge it.

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    It's mainly people's own opinions and also about the rap that media and the public focus more on. Most of the rap that is being shown on tv and played on radio is about money/sex/drugs and you know you can't deny that. A lot of the songs and videos are degrading to women and it's not ok that women are ok with that. women are not just sex play things, they are people. Also I think you're taking it a bit too far by saying that when people say rap sucks that black culture sucks. I know some black people that don't even like rap but that doesn't mean they hate they're own culture. I know so far my argument has been against your statement but just to let you know, I am not against rap at all. I am just against some songs that are in the rap category that has been increasingly popular in today's culture. (whew, )

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    People hatin just cause they dont understand the lyrics and partially because of what the rap today has become. For example some people have come saying rap glorifies guns,drugs,violence and degrading women and have used lyrics to support their theory. This shows that people are being ignorant and taking just a few examples of rap to justify slamming the whole genre, but at the same time the lyrics show that what the people were saying rap is about is what todays rap actually has become.

    What the ignorant people dont see is that before rap never used to glorify drugs,violence,guns,gangs and degrading women. Old school rap used to describe those things and how they effected both the artist's life and life for people coming from the street in generally. They were never trying to say go join a gang or go do drugs, they were saying this is what happened when they joined a gang or what drugs did to their life.

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    Black people don't suck(well some do) but rap does, you are just looking for any excuse to call someone racist get over it and support the arts shoot a rapper. Black culture is not hip hop if it is then blacks are in a world of trouble. it is poison for the youth. Look at the effects it's having on your "culture" drop out of school be a gangster get shot...yeah thats a great message.

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    midnight said it.

    Not pleasing to the ears, degrading to women, glorifies guns, gangs and what he forgot to mention it advocates violence, and murder. They also degrade their own race not to mention others. Also what can be so good about something that is mostly foul language, and I am no prude about language but that is ridiculous. And, I don't care if they have half naked girls on their videos or whatever else they have.

    And, I have to listen to it almost every time I go somewhere. My question is they want others to respect their rights why do they violate everyone Else's rights by making us listen to that CRAP. And don't say we have a right to not listen. How can I avoid it when they have their car radios, home stereos or whatever they are listening to it on turned ALL the way up so it can be heard a block away?

    Not being racist either how can they say it is their culture, are they not AMERICAN CITIZENS? If so then they are showing a side of the AMERICAN culture and not in a good light either. I hear a lot of it from Hispanic and some whites also, so it CAN"T BE RACISM.

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    Young Lady, there isn't a style of music that is liked/appreciated by every person on earth! Some dislike the violin, others the saxophone, or, just try different cultures!

    RAP, is popular all over the world! On the other hand, you do not find a lot of black RAP artist listing to or playing Country western, or going to the theater to see Swan Lake.

    Those are not negative issues, each likes what he or she likes!

    The loser is, when we start to use ugly words because we have differences and preferences. Respect is what is missing!

    RAP started out protesting the ugly done to blacks by whites,

    consider, in no war, at no time, or any other police force, in the history of police forces have the army or police shot a person 41 times! Never! Only in America, white police shooting a Black Man and the American society not even enraged!

    Whites just do not like having their dirt laundry put up in their face!

    The saying is, the pen is mightier than the sword! But don't worry, 80 % of the RAP haters are prejudice anyway, so their hate don't count! The hate anyway!

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    There are white people who rap also. For you to ignore that puts you in the same category of person you are complaining about. Also, it is not "Black" culture, but AMERICAN culture that is being affected. Rap is a major influence, like it or not. It is sad that people still have to seperate Americans by race, "us" verses "them". Please don't perpetuate driving a wedge between Americans with your irresponsible accusations.

    I don't care for rap. Not because of half naked girls, or money, I just don't care for the redundant beat, and the all too common messages of hate and abuse. I have heard some very good rap, but I am not willing to wade through hours of negativity pumped through my skull to find one or two pieces of really creative and positive work. What you seem to be saying is that people who do not listen to rap think negativly about a significant part of american culture- pretty narrowminded, I think.

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    I have heard enough of it at stoplights and seen enough pictures of rappers on the magazine covers at the store to find the whole deal thoroughly disgusting. The sooner African Americans reject the foolishness of thugs instead of making heroes out of them the better off this whole society will be. Being dark skinned doesn't give one the right to act any way they feel.

    There is a long list of white people that should never have the place in history that foolish men have given them. Why are we making heroes out of people like Elvis. This man was a total loser. So is Led Zeppelin, the Rolling Stones, and the whole lot of them that have poisoned the minds of so many. Out with the garbage of any sort. Free yourself from being defined by a culture that wants to use you and take you life and money. These things in white culture are not going to take my children with it's filth.

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    No, they know what it is. It is "music" that is not comprehensible on casual listening, but nevertheless is heard and understood by the unconscious mind. Since a lot of it is hostile, one way and another, a person ends up feeling bad without knowing why.

    And to say that not liking rap is being racist, because rap is a part of black culture is like saying if you do not like pink flamingos, you are a racist, because pink flamingos are a part of white working-class culture. We do not have to like every element of someone else's ways to have respect for the person.

    Too many blacks behave as though there was a single, monolithic thing called "black culture," and you must accept all of it in order to accept any of it. By that standard, there are plenty of black people who you would have to call racist, because they do not like some elements of what you are calling "black culture."

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    I enjoyed rap from the early 80's to the early 90's but it really doesn't speak to me much any more. Rappers don't really rap about things in my life. So I don't listen to much rap. I don't hate it nor is my not listening to it a slight to black people. I like rock it's always been my favorite genre but not to the exclusion of all other types of music.

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    You are going to find this funny I'm sure.

    I am a grandmother and I love some of the rap music. Mary J. Bliege is one of my favorites. ( I think I spelled her name right. lol)

    I think the lyrics cause people to shun rap music. Just as in Heavy metal or some Punk Rock.

    Alot of the lyrics send a negative message. We have so much of that in today's world.

    Like the music you like and don't worry about what other people like. It in no way affects you.

    Have a Wonderful New Year!!!! ;)

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