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herb asked in Politics & GovernmentGovernment · 1 decade ago

the purpose of royal audiencia in the philipinnes?

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    The first royal audiencia was created in 1583 in order to assist the governor-general and to protect the people from the abuse of the officials. It was composed of the governor-general as the president , three justices, a prosecuting attorney and other officials. it was abolished in 1589 when the governor general and the justices had quarrels and misunderstandings. it was restored 1595 when the presidency was given to a regent instead of the governor. The audiencia was the Supreme Court and ran the government in case of vacancy in the gubernatorial office.

    The present Supreme Court was preceded by the Royal Audiencia, a collegial body established on May 5, 1583 and composed, of a president, four oidores (justices), and a fiscal, among others. It was the highest tribunal in the Philippines, below only the Consejo de Indias of Spain. However, this body also exercised administrative functions, not just judicial functions.

    The Supreme Court of the Philippines is the country's highest judicial court, as well as the court of last resort. The court consists of 14 Associate Justices and 1 Chief Justice. Pursuant to the Constitution, the Supreme Court has "administrative supervision over all courts and the personnel thereof"

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