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sharp pains in my hip?

i'm 5 days overdue as of midnight, and i've been having really sharp pains in my right hip, and a dull pain in my lower back that is just killing me. i havent noticed any contractions, but i've heard they can literally be in your back. i had been sitting in a chair playing cards all evening, and it could have made my back hurt. but i've tried changing positions and nothing has helped so far. can sharp pains in your hips be an indicator for labor? has anyone had back labor, and what is it like?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    hi it not nesserly to be labor in 9 mo pregnant the baby become big so it make some wight in your back if you sit for long time for your hip it is normal you will be OK you should lay in your back to be compfortable

  • 1 decade ago

    I'm only 5 1/2 months pregnant and I've already gotten some sharp hip pains. I think the kid is sitting on a nerve and irritating it. I had the same type of pain last year after I strained my back. So if you've been sitting in a chair all night, it's likely that your muscles are just sore from sitting all night.

  • Nani
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    1 decade ago

    I had a sharp pain just before my water broke but I did not go into labor for 8 hours then had a 2 hour labor and 10 min. delivery. Good Luck I hope you have a happy healthy baby. Sorry it was not the first this year as it is now 12:08.


  • ?
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    5 years ago

    How old are you? I'm no doctor but I am a research assistant for the University of Pittsburgh and it sounds like you may be clinically constipated. Try a colon cleanser to remove all the toxins and move your bowels. You should sh*t three times a day and if not it may cause pain in your abdomen and other places. If this really concerns you talk to your PCP. Good Luck!!

  • 1 decade ago

    as far as bad hip pains that could just be baby on ur hip nerve (very painful)

    i had back labour and its is really bad u feel like some one is snapping ur spine in half i couldnt stay still in tears etc this was in the later stages of labour (gets worse the futher into the labour u are) were as i hardly felt anything in my stomach whats so ever. try a hot water bottle and go for a walk this will help with getting into labour and will help with the birth but if ur hip is to painful take it easy. the other suggestion i have is rest ur hand on ur tummy and see if u can feel tightening and if so how often. then speak to ur care provider to let them know and they can advise on whats best for u.

    good luck and congrats.

    oh and let us know how u go.


    Source(s): having experinced this
  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Yes, back labor is is a *****. Sounds like you're on your way! Try walking around the block to see if pains increase. I want to wish you a healthy and happy baby in '07. God Bless!

  • deezee
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    1 decade ago


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