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Family tree?

I want to know my family tree aka genealogy>>>and all the information that I have is my grandfather's first, middle, and last name. Can anyone help me with my family tree?

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    Hey Jenn,

    Get your parents Birth Certificate. It will narrow down the search for your Grandfather. Whichever parent, their birth certificate will list Parent, age at birth, and where they were from. You can get your parents records from the location they were born, or from the records at the next level (in the states, each state has a Vital Records center).

    Also, try the LDS Family Search online.

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    The volunteers at your local Family History Center may be able to help. FHC's are small rooms in some LDS Churches. They are devoted to genealogy. They don't try to convert you.

    If he was alive in the USA in 1930, send me his name and birth year and I'll look him up on the census for you.

    Your grandfather could have been born anywhere from 48 to 200 years ago.

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    I can look up your grandfather if you like. I have the Family Tree Maker and may be able to get you started.

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    Go to family

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