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Need some help maybe from experienced runners?

What gets you motivated to run when you don't feel like it?

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    I've been running track for 8 years now, dont think just run, after a couple of weeks of not thinking about it and runnning it will be a habit and part of your life and dont think of your run as boring try out different forms and techniques that will help the run go by smoother and will help improve your running ability, hope i could be of some help...

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    VERY good question!

    I run before work, since that is the best time for me. 530am. That's hard when my choice is literally pounding the pavement for 30 minutes or staying in my warm comfy bed for 45 minutes.

    I get up when my clock goes off. My clothes are laid out. I don't think about it...I Just Do It!

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    I always need a goal to get me out of the door , so I always make sure I am signed up for a race some time in the future.

  • Abby
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    I agree with Jimbo, you have to have goals or something to train for. and there is always knowing you feel better after you do. Just make an appointment with yourself and keep it like an other appointment, run with a partner occasionally...Just do it!!!

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    Make it part of your daily routine. Even if you don't feel like getting out, once you're out, you'll be glad you did it. And you will be kicking yourself if you don't get out and then don't have time later in the day.

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    The hardest part is getting dressed and taking the first step, Once you start, the hard part is past, and you can rock!!

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