Noisy neighbors?

Can you give me some advice on how to deal our neighbors who has a hobby of drinking with their friends in the middle of the night while playing rock songs too loud.They do it almost everyday usually 1:00 am and it bothers me.I tried to approach them but they just ask for our patience...

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  • 1 decade ago
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    I think you have put up with your problem long enough and that you have tried "the nice" approach already. I am thinking that you don't need your neighbor to feel that you had anything to do with calling the authorities for their assistance in noise reduction, so You might enlist the aid of someone else. One of the other answers mentioned asking the other neighbors if they were having a problem with the noise and that's a good idea. How about letting the noisy ones get themselves in trouble. How about advertising anonymously that they are having a party starting at midnight on a small poster and posting it at the supermarket and other places so that many people start coming and let your noisy neighbor have to start turning people away for crashing their parties. I am sure that they will not be willing to have uninvited guests come over and continue the party after they want to stop. It may take a few days but a few drunks sleeping it off in their sofa the morning after might get them to stop. Put on the poster to come on in where the noise is and they will be there. Just a thought as this will eventually bring the authorities to the door to stop the problems and lets the authorities explain to the noisy neighbors that they have too much to lose by continuing their late night activities.

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    question-are they up all night and then sleep in the next a.m.?If they do, you can be particularly noisy some mornings when they are trying to sleep-maybe your neighbors will help if they are being bombarded by late night noise too-could also record them and let them hear(early) how much noise they actually make-calling the cops would be a last resort-too many loonies out there now!

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    Asking them politely and calmly is always a good place to start. Other try using earplugs to help you sleep through the noise. If it is really unbearable and they're uncooperative, why not call the police and ask them to intervene?

    I've had many problem neighbours in the past, and I've had to resort to some really vindictive things to relatiate. But that's really not worth it. Just gets you really wound up and uptight.

  • 1 decade ago

    Every time it happens, knock on their door and kindly ask them to lower their volume. When they don't lower it, feel free to call the cops to take care of it. Several occurrences of the cops knocking on the door should take care of it. Just make sure that you always ask them politely first.

    If it continues, you might also go to the landlord and see if there's anything they can do about it.

    Source(s): this has happened to me also...the cops took care of it. :)
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