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How do I stop this terrible swing habit?

Hello, I am a beginning golfer. I have been having trouble with my swing. On impact, I tend to move my club to the left while the ball is being hit so it(as in the club) can come to my shoulder. Every shot I hit is now a hook. Please help me so I can end this nightmare.

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    Yes its true the club face at impact is related to the direction of the balls flight But everything else before that like you're takeaway can really determine your swing. If your hooking focus on your setup and takeaway if you have a good setup one that is not to closed or open your shots should not be that wild in either direction.

    For me I also hook my cure is to focus on my path on my takeaway I deliberately make sure my swing is a little more upright

    this allows me to free up my swing in both directions the end result is a free flowing swing in which I can swing hard with no fear of hooking. Check your ball placement with your driver it should be off your left foot and is more prone to hook so be careful with that club make sure your swing does not get flat. With your irons make sure the ball is just back of center or center this will allow you to make square contact before the face can close. The last tip is weight transfer don't hold back if to much weight is on your back foot your hands will over rotate in relation to your body and you will hook make sure you complete a full body turn into your Left or front foot this is my number one key to stop the hooks weight transfer.

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    Try to change your swing path by using the image of a clock face to help you. Try imagining that at the address position, the ball is resting in the centre of a clock face. Make sure your club face is square and not closed. Take your back swing slowly and forward swing the club face from a position between three and four o'clock through the ball and on to a point between nine and ten o'clock. Maintain a smooth swing rhythm of hitting through and not at the ball.

    You may borrow the following books from library to know the geometry of golf shots to help you correct your swing:

    a. Curing hooks and slices

    b. From tee to green, your way to lower scores

    If affordable and keen to become a good golfer, get a pro to guide you.

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    I'm only going to say one thing about that because I don't want to confuse you. Try lightening your grip a tad and swing at a much smoother, slower pace. Do that on the range a few times to get the rhythm down. Eventually you'll learn that swinging with less force and excellent rhythm will straighten out that hook (which incidently is caused by too much hand action at impact).

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    The best way to solve it is to repeat the proper swing. The momentus swing trainer is the best for the money. You can buy it for $80 at a pro shop or golf store, or on ebay for even less. I had a slice problem and I bought the momentus and it fixed it. If you are serious about the game and really want to correct your swing then $80 isn't much. Either way, good luck and I hope you correct your problem.

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    There's a training aid call the Swingyde. It may be a bit difficult to find, but it is worth the effort. Use this device as instructed and your habit will be corrected. Enjoy!

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    go 2 the range and keep practicing find a routine that u r comfortable with and don't listen 2 all the advice u get sometimes its just 2 much 2 think about

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    Just try to feel like your holding off the golf club after inpact, in other words try not to release it AS MUCH

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    Easiest fix?............. slow down.

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