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how to lower males sex drive?

Is there a way to lower or kill a male sex drive?


my wife has no sex drive! I have tried everything i know to do...... i cant get her to talk to me about it and im going crazy..... It makes me depressed and i feel unwanted. its like she doesnt care. you know what I mean?

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    try an try agen to tlk to her, ask her y she doesnt wnt intercourse with u, i guess she will tell u if ure truly r interested an care

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    stop looking at girls lustfully (in porn, on tv, in movies, or on the streats)

    stop masturbating (sounds like oppisite of what others say but in actuality when you have an orgasim it sends chymicals thru the brain that are actualy adictive, you are more likely to masturbate the day after you have already masturbated. so that shoots you in the foot.

    Stop thinking lustfully.

    if you do those things, yeah it will still be kinda hard but not nearly once yu get past the initial part which will be harder then anything. youll find it easyer, dont worry about built up sperm what isnt reabsorbed will be gone thru wet dreams (the way God intended it to be anyway)

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    But why would you want to.

    Tell us more.

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