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I love to play video games online, but i dont like to talk to most boys cause they always have to say they dont want girls on there team cause they suck, but when they find out i'm good and sometimes better than them they boot me from the game, do you think i should just not talk? Thanks in advance!

If any guys want to play against me or with me on Gears of War, my gamertag on Xbox 360 is For3runn3rs. I wont be able to play until Tuesday (Jan, 2 2007) at 4:00 (central time) cause i am spending time with my family have a wonderful New Year ev1!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    1 decade ago
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    Then they're dumbasses, quite frankly. I'm somewhat glad I don't have XBox live, I don't want to deal with some of the people that migrated from CS... *shudders*

    Anyway, in response to the dude above me, I think you do need to play some computer games, it's what I do best. Shooter guy, myself, but I'll do some Space Cowboy every now and then, and I'm almost done beating Dark Messiah.

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    I am also a Gaming , computer and programing Fanatic. But I find most boys like playing against me or with me and chatting. I do not own xbox 360 but I own almost every other system.

    If I did not buy my computer I could of gotten 6 PS3s instead. Lol I could of still of gotten a PS3 but I choose not to and I kinda dislike xbox.

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    I would say just don't talk. If guys are gonna be like that just keep quiet. Blow em away and feel good knowing that you beat em. I am a guy and I don't like talking over XBL. Most of the people that talk on XBL shouldn't be heard anyway.

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    Hmm you like online games on a console, but try using your Computer instead. You play online games but you go solo and once in a while you can team up to do quests. you can play Maplestory,Gunbound and more and its all free. thats what i did, its fun to play too

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