How do I run and ping to a website? I can't access one of my favorite websites, but it works for others.?

I have tried alot of things.

-Used a Proxy, just in case I was IP banned, I wouldn't think so, since I am a moderator there.

-Used all three of my browsers, FireFox, Opera and Internet Explorer

-Been waiting for several hours now

-And it seems, I am the only one having this problem at the moment.

-So I am trying to use the ping function, but I am still unsure how to use it.

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    Go to start -> run, type in 'cmd' (without the quotes) and click ok. If that doesn't work, try typing 'command'. This should bring up a black box.

    To try pinging the website, type in 'ping websitename' (such as 'ping'). You will get either:

    Could not find host - it cannot find the host at all, keep reading

    Request timed out - the ping was not returned

    Reply from - you got a reply from the website

    If you got could not find host or a no reply, try this command: 'nslookup websitename'. You will get an answer section or a can't find. If you get can't find, try 'nslookup websitename'. The is a public DNS server. If you get an answer there, your DNS server (Maybe your ISPs) don't have an entry for that website. Try an 'ipconfig /flushdns' to reload your DNS cache and see if that helps.

    If you get a reply from the ping, try running anti-spyware, anti-virus scans, or just try rebooting the PC.

    Note: type all commands without the quotes and replace websitename with the name of the website.

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    If you are the only one then there is a problem with your network or computer.

    but in the command line (cmd) the command is ping then the url or ip


    you can also do a tracert

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