Any pointers on getting a 1 yr old and 2.5 yr old to share a bedroom??

Due to remodeling it is now time to get our youngest out of his room. The plan is to put them together and play it by ear. Though, I am nervous. Our little one sleeps well and goes to bed about 30 mins before our older two children (our oldest is a girl and has her own room and has slept well since she was 6 months old). Our 2.5 yr old, is a little more unpredictible, needs one of us to fall asleep or the middle of the night (husband guilty of this). Recently, we (me) have been able to put him to bed, say good night and leave...but there has been some battles--it's getting better. (All this sleep stuff was so easy with my daughter) Fortunately he has been much better at sleeping thru the night--he could go many days with sleeping thru the night, then have a week with 2-3 days of night waking.

I have stalled, but now I'm out of time. I would like to hear from parents out there that have done this, stories, advice, ideas, and how they overcame obstacles like night waking...


Put my foot down? Hello? I am asking for POINTERS on how to get thru this to make this an easy transistion, not how to be a dictator. The gist is my 2.5 yr old is NOT the greatest sleeper...he's probably going to wake up from time to time. This has to be done. The ideal solution would to move my youngest and oldest in the same room! But, that would involve many more changes. Any ideas from real parents?

Update 2:

Eliza, I feel your pain. My oldest is 4. We went ahead and followed thru tonight. The baby went to sleep well in the new room...and even a different crib (we have 2). We stalled his bedtime tonight....being New Years...and waited for him to actually ask to go to bed. One hurdle. So, we will see how the night goes. Not sure if he will wake up if the baby wakes up, or vice versa.

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    Try laying down with them at the earliest bedtime,they will all relax and fall asleep fater with your presence.Enjoy that part yourself for it want be long and they will out grow wanting to snugle.

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    We've got our 2 1/2 year old son sleeping in the same room as his 10 month old sister.

    I guess it all comes down to a routine.

    In the first couple of days, tire the kids out - go to the park, shopping centre, play groups, relatives etc. You'll find that they'll adjust better once they settle into a routine early.

    Have a bedtime routine - milk, nappy changes, brushing teeth, bedtime story and good night kisses.

    It's taken us about 2 weeks and even some nights both kids decide that they're not going to sleep.

    Just keep at it - good luck !

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    It should be fine after everyone gets used to it. My daugters are 1 and 2, and they share a room. Usually if one wakes up, the other stays knocked out and vice versa LOL. We've not had any problems with them sharing a room. The only problem is if we try to put one to bed without putting the other to bed too. They pick up on that and obviously have a fit LOL. But if it's sleepy time then we put both girls to bed. Every once in a while one will wake up & come to our room, but with them being so young, that's not a problem for us. There have been a couple occassions when both of them have woken up and spent the rest of the night in mommy & daddy's room lol... but that's part of the fun of having them close together I guess :)

    Good luck... we were really worried about them sharing a room too, but everything is great now. I am sure it will work out just fine for you as well. :)

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    I have a 1, 2.5 and 4.5, and have the same problem. Once the older ones are asleep they are fine, but, the 2.5 tries to fight bedtime and wakes up the baby (who goes to sleep first and still wakes up during the night). It's not great, but, I'll get my 2.5 old to fall asleep with the older one or in my room while reading and then move him to his room. For now it's the only way I can put him to sleep without waking the baby

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  • Since the lil one goes to bed first n sleeps well, I would suggest putting his bed furthest away from the door. That way when the 2.5 yr old gets up n leaves the room he wont cross in front of the younger one n possibly stop to talk to him or otherwise disturb him. If in the first few days of sharing a room, the older one does wake the lil one, I would consider putting the lil one elsewhere or u might risk that he (the youngest) may develop the habit of waking up at night too.

    Good luck!

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    Bite her back. I am not saying to take a chunk out of the flesh or anything, but bite hard enough to where it hurts, and leaves an indention for a few minutes. It will hurt, and he will scream his head off, but he will live. More importantly, he will learn WHY you want him to stop. Because it hurts. Children bite as a defense mechanism. When something is causing them stress, they lash out. Help him find new ways to vent his anger. Spanking him wont work here, becuase the punishment doesnt fit the crime. You want him to stop biting, so hitting him for it wont do much good. I spank my kids for some stuff, but it depends on the situation. DONT seperate him from his siblings. This will just make them look at him as "bad" and lower his own self esteem. Biting him is the best solution. NExt time he bites her, you walk over to him, grab his arm, and bite him!! Tell him "see, that hurts", let him know how much it hurts his sister because she is so little. Tell him he is to love his sister, not hurt her. Good luck.

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    No kid is ever gonna be keen on sharing a room just do it they will get over it eventually.

  • 1 decade ago are the parent and/or guardian...your word is law...but only if you take RESPONSIBILITY. If You Continue in your PASSIVE parenting style your children will grow up to hate you.

    Put Your foot DoWN!!!

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    i dont think you should do it. maybe your children will start fighting. and if they have sleepwalking problems.. umm.. not a good idea.

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    they should with no problem if you the pack leader

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