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recurring bad dream from age 5?

what would cause me to have a recurring nightmare from the age of 4 or 5 where i enter a graveyard,open graves and visciously attack dead people? it went away for about ten its back

goodnight.. i hope


rem that they started at 5 or before it though. i hadnt had any bad exp or seen movies it was just coming from my head

i dont get it and i dont like it

hence sitting here at 5am lol

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    I vote your experiencing a form of PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder)...something from ur past related to that has triggered those nightmares. Maybe it's symbolic?

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  • Anonymous
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    Hi there Nutball.....

    You do not offer the "story" of the dream, so I cannot truely help you understand why it is present.....

    Let's see what you do have......

    ***NOTE: This is how the dream would be interpreted for one who just had the dream......

    where i enter a graveyard,

    ((If the dream opens in this manner, dream says that there is something that needs to be put away.... A graveyard is a burial ground..... It is where things that used to be are placed.... something that may be unresolved or wont be let go of..... it is an external source... It is something that is occurring outside the self....Otherwise it would take place "In" a building......))

    open graves

    ((Open grave is a pun..... Anytime something is "grave" it means that it is very very serious...... And when something serious is open, it means that there is something that has not be put away from the self...... Something you have not come to terms with.....))

    and visciously attack dead people?

    ((Dead people are those who do not think like we do.... spiritually, they are those who have no liveliness about them...... These that attack are those who are either jealous, or have some reason to "jab" at you..... when we feel attacked by others, it means that we are being abused by someone...... Dream says "visciously"..... Something that is acted by another in a heinous way......))

    it went away for about ten its back

    goodnight.. i hope

    ((Is someone treating you unfair?..... Dream says that someone may be abusing you in like manner as was done before when you were young..... it is the way you feel you are being treated.....

    Your sister,


    ((Dream Interpreter))

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    ... You'll have to figure this one out, with or without extra help.

    I do know of some articles that may help you, though ...

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    *(These URLs will likely be changed soon. After that, the Advanced Search at will find the new URLs.)

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  • Darcy
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    4 years ago

    You are hoping for better situations and enjoy the company of a few. You are finding your way but fear losing people close to you that you do not always relate to in a positive way but still feel comforted by them. You want to move forward but are scared of making a mistake and so do not do so as you should. The windowless room would indicate you cannot see your way forward. You could say you are protecting yourself in this room as you are alone and no one can get to you. That would be another aspect of loneliness but one of your choosing not one inflicted upon you. So, in conclusion - You have come from a crowded place with the occasional colorful interlude. You are traveling to a better place, yet fearing for the future. I would seek guidance from a Therapist as you have had this dream many times with variations as you have grown. If this has stopped you progressing in work or life generally it would be a good start to turn your life around for the better.:)

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  • john s
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    1 decade ago

    I used for many years to have a recurring dream in which I was a Cop, an MP (which I really was at one time) a combat soldier, a frontier sheriff, etc. In this dream I was confronted with a quick-draw situation with some person I knew to be bad. I always outdrew and shot him dead. I had this dream for many, many years, and then in my mid-thirties I came to understand that I was endlessly killing my brutal, alcoholic father. The dream disappeared.

    Possibly your dream is similarly a means of dealing with some event or element of your home life as a child. Listen to yourself and think about the big traumas or the continuing dysfunctional dimension of your home life experiences. At least try it.

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  • 1 decade ago

    I agree with Kay & Carol H. Past-life regression helped me. I discovered there was an attempted abortion of me before I was born, and I dreamed the same, symbolic nightmare repeatedly in childhood. I always woke myself screaming. An older relative confirmed that such was the case, and even then I didn't mention the recurring nightmare. She wouldn't have accepted how I already knew about it. Practicing forgiveness is healing too, knowing that forgiveing does not mean that it's ok to abuse me again, nor to be in my life now. Healthy boundaries to you!

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  • Perhaps you are attacking the cruel people in your life that have affected you in some way, but because you were so young, you didn't understand. Has somebody from your past recently popped up or the memory of a certain dead person still haunting you?

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I've had recurring nightmares from childhood, they don't make sense. I lost some of them, because the people in them passed away. They were family, but they never harmed me, just ended up in dreams.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Sounds like you may have painful images in your subconscious about your early childhood. Maybe Post Trauma. If they keep recuring think about seeing your physician and talk opening to him and some of your older relatives. Maybe someone will open up to you by coincidence...It did for me!!!

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    May be if I was a astrologist I would say that it is sth related to ure rebirth .I think you must see a phsychatrist if you think it is a major problem.

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