Help .Huge electric bills from people leaving doors open?

I have a rental condo and get $500.00 electric bills because people leave doors open and ac running non stop.Does anyone know of a shut off when doors open? I have seen them in hotels but dont know what they are called.

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    I've never heard of auto shut off like that. It may be worth it to replace the exterior doors with storm doors that have the springs and compressed air closers. These would have to be propped open - you can remove the metal piece that allows this from the storm door when it's installed so they can't be propped open without a chair or other large object. Also, I would look at ways of insulating the windows with caulk (clear) to keep in the cool/warm air depending on the season. You can also get weatherstripping for the doors so that when they are closed there aren't gaps that allow cool/warm air to escape. Good Luck!

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    How about a completely different approach to your problem. You don't want to have to pay for the wasteful habits of your tenants. Let them pay.

    I would write something into the contract. It would state the proper electrical costs. It would say that any costs over that amount will be paid by the tenant. If they won't agree to that, they don't get the unit OR they get it and you disconnect the A/C.

    People who do wasteful things simply because they don't pay the bill will find a way around anything that you try to do with the unit. Only when it costs them money will they do the right thing.

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    Have door closers installed (hydraulic commercial kind) have timer access code type thermostats installed. add to the wording of the lease that if the tenants go over a certain dollar amount on there utilities bills they will be responsible for the balance.

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    You can also get things on the door that automatically closes them. Eh... sort of a big spring. Sorry, don't know the English word, Drangers, we call them.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Get electronic opening doors

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    Go to Lowes or HD. Purchase 2 springloaded hinges. More than likely they are 4X4 but measure to make sure. Replace upper and lower hinges. Adjust per instructions.

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    put a lock over the thermostate.. if they want a warm house they will leave the doors shut

  • Sheila
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    1 decade ago

    Call your local hardware chain, like Lowes, Home Depot, etc. and ask.

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