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Why do people agree to help organizations out at Christmas time and give them crappy items? I had referred families for help at Christmas time and one child got a toothbrush and toothpaste. Some may say, it's better than nothing, but I say why give if you aren't really willing to give a child a toy?

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    That was a terrible gift for the child, if that was the only thing he or she recieved. I have volunteered for and worked for many toy drives and fundraisers and have never come across anything like that. The blame falls upon the agency who gave out the gifts. They should know better. If they did not have the toys then they shouldn't have accepted referals. A toiletry goody bag could have been made for the parents, because they are needed items, but not given to a child as a gift...Shame on them

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    Well, the tooth brush and toothpaste aren't bad gifts, but they are practical ones and children would prefer a gift that is fun, so why not both. A tooth brush and tooth past aren't expensive.

    And it was better than nothing, but I do understand what you are saying. A toy will definately make a child happier than the tooth brush and tooth paste.

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    what i find funny (being a christian and all myself) is that Jesus never gave a crappy gift. He always went over and above. He calls us to do the same for others. After all we're children of the King. We should be showing others just a taste of His goodness. Let's live by example and give over and above the minimum, whatever it is. If someone needs a ride from you, give it to them and then ask them if they need to go anywhere else or if you can buy them dinner. It might be considered being a doormat, but do it for Jesus and you'll get more than what you gave.

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    Could have been worse. The kid might have been toothless. Or how bout a new bike for a blind kid?

    I know I sound stupid but that is reality for some. Some people donate the stupidest things for all the wrong reasons.

    I was working in a relief center in Miss. after Katrina hit. People donated literally tons of JUNK, Why?

    My favorite was a box full of neckties. Yeah a family of four who just lost everything, really needs a necktie!, for what? to hang themselves?

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    If you referred the families for help, did you also give a list of items that would be welcomed? My gym had a list of kids with their ages and what they wanted. It was really easy to shop for them.

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    That was a terrible gift, that's something that should have been in a stocking.

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