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A good name for a restaurant?

I was thinking of opening a Mexican restaurant with the help of my friends. I want to call it 'Casa de Huevos' , we would serve mostly breakfast.

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    I would say the same. Casa de Huevos sounds like a wonderful name for your restaurant. =)

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    Mexicana Breakfast

    i reckon just put sumthing that all people can understand what the restaurant all about...

    i wudnt hav a clue bout "casa de huevos" except u r a mexican or some ppl that know abit of it^^

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    I think that is a perfectly good name! You could also try Casa del Desayuno which means House of Breakfast or Casa de la manana which is house of morning or my last idea is Casa del Tocino, hope this helps you!

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    Casa de Heuvos seems sort of limiting. If I do not want eggs I might not stop there. How about Casa don diego de dia. Long name but House of Morning Glories sounds almost poetic in Spanish

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    Beaner's Breakfast Bar

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    how about casa de sol=house of the sun

    huevos is mexican slang for balls or gonads not the most popular choice

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    i think you should call it salsa e huevos, that way they would know its mexican because it says salsa, it wuold sound appetizing because personally i like salsa with eggs, and they would know youu serve breakfast because it says huevos which means eggs.

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    Not a good choice as most americans think of testes not eggs when they see Huevos. try something that sounds a little more "Homey"

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    I think you rename it to Huevos, it's shorter and easier to remember and wouldn't sound as expensive.

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    El Barfarito

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