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When one writes in Hebrew, do you use a calligraphy pen and traditional alephbet or a regular pen and blocks?

I'm learning Hebrew, and the teacher has us practicing both calligraphy as well as block shapes. What is the norm for those who regularly use Hebrew as a means of written communication?

Thanks all

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    I'm sorry but the previous answer is incorrect. I'm a native Hebrew speaker/reader/writer and I've never used a calligraphy pen. In grade school I wrote Hebrew both script and block letter with and without punctuations marks (Nikud) and in all cases I used either a pencil or a pen (regular Bic whatever). So the answer is you write it like any other language unless you are a scholar or bible scriptor.

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    The 2nd answer is correct.

    We don't use calligraphy pen; we use normal pen or pencil, when we write Hebrew (both script and blocks).

    Daily, when you write Hebrew, you write script (hand-write) letters.

    usually we don't use the blocks (print) letters, unless it's typed.

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    Great question!

    You use calligraphy in your hand writing

    (unless you make a special effort to write

    in block letters, but there's really no reason to do that)

    as the block letters are really print letters;

    so anything printed in Hebrew, would be in block letters.

    I hope you're enjoying learning Hebrew!

    I've tought it for years... so if you need any help...

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    If you ask abouy "k-ta-v" and "d-pu-ss", the answer is that we usually write in "k-ta-v" and published things are written in "d-pu-ss"

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