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For a T-Mobile Sidekick, can you have cingular? If you can, how much do they cost?

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    The answer directly above is almost accurate - the phone portion will actually not work either however. When a SIM card is inserted into a Sidekick, the SK starts searching for it's network and will not operate beyond allowing calls to 611 and 911.

    Also, if you're looking at pricing, it's cheaper in the long run to have T-Mobile service - the SK has unlimited text, email and IM for $20 a month added to any rate plan or $30 a month solo.

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    No, the sidekick will NOT work with Cingular. If you did in fact get the sidekick unlocked and tried to put a Cingular sim card in there, all you'd be able to do is make and recieve calls, the internet on the sidekick won't work. This is because the sidekick was made just for T-Mobile and can only use the T-Mobile data plan to have internet.

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    Get it unlocked. Google it and find out.

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