Should medical marijuana be legalized?

In a 1999 Gallup poll 73% of Americans said yes.

What do you think?

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    I have a daughter who is very ill with Multiple Sclerosis. I forsee marijuana being used for a variety of illness, particularly the wasting diseases, cancer, AIDS, neuro-degenerative, etc. Its ability to induce appetite is superior, its calming properties legendary. It offers her pain relief and sleep. Its 2007, no one has died from using marijuana, nor will they. Alcohol and prescription pills have affected the lives of thousands, both living and dead but a marijuana users biggest threat is being arrested. There are many legitimate arguments for the legalization of marijuana yet bad laws continue to exist. When something seems excessive you should ask what the opposing entity (in this case our government) has to gain from the status quo....

    They call it "the war on drugs", but someone (I can't remember who) said you should never wage war on your own citizens. I agree and I end this by asking my own question, why are alcoholics considered sick and drug users considered criminal?

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    Yes! I've never smoked marijuana, and have no desire to do so, but it should be legalized for medical AND recreational purposes, just like alcohol, tobacco, sugar, etc.

    The government really has no business telling people what they can or should put in their bodies. Most people don't realize that existing anti-drug laws are about COMMERCE and TRANSPORTATION, NOT about any so-called harmful effects on health, abuse, or other propaganda. Check out the wording of your state's laws and see. It's illegal to possess, sell, buy, traffic, and transport drugs but NOT to actually TAKE them! It's because the government doesn't make any money on the deal. Alcohol and cigarettes, on the other hand, while probably MORE harmful than marijuana, are very good money-makers for Uncle Sam.

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    Yes it should be allowed medically because it can

    ~help treat three different types of cancer

    ~reduce nausea and vomiting(if not in large amounts)

    ~help one get to sleep

    ~reduce stress

    ~help people with eating disorders (increased appetite)

    ~reduce anxiety (if not in large amounts)

    ~be used as a pain reliever for headaches (migraines) and cramps

    ~be used as a neuroprotectent (spelling?)

    ~help people with Crohn's disease or other gastrointestinal disorders

    ~help prevent seizures in people with epilepsy

    Although disputed, marijuana MAY possibly be used to

    ~to prevent Alzheimers

    ~to help arthritis

    ~to help Hepatitis C

    ~to help neuromuscular deceases like Multiple Sclerosis

    One should always remember to use a vaporizer when smoking marijuana, else the toxins that are in smoke might have some harmful effects on one’s throat or lungs.

    I believe marijuana should be allowed to be legal for purposes outside medical reasons because it is not as harmful as alcohol or tobacco. In multiple states marijuana is the number one cash crop (over wheat); if it were legalized and taxed, the U.S. GDP would be larger and the government would generate more income. Many places have already decriminalized marijuana to some extent (see wikipedia:

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    There's a lot of good answers in here, even for non-pot smokers.

    Oh, and my answer is Yes, if alcohol is legal (which the only reason it is, is because it makes the government money-the government wouldn't earn money on people's personal bootleg deals), then pot should be legal.

    A society on pot is only a good thing on a certain level though, the everyone would be pretty mellowed out-level. But, man, we would easily be taken over by anyone wanting to take us over..

    This leads to another fun question:;_ylt=AnSC....

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    Cannabis should be legalized, period. Prohibition does NOT work, and only serves to put money in the pockets of criminal organizations. The medical benefits are just one aspect of cannabis. Its fibers are durable and can be put to many uses. The oils in the seeds can be converted into fuel. It can be used to make paper without a lot of the chemical processing required of tree-based papers. Besides, 1 acre of cannabis is roughly equivalent to 4 acres of trees in terms of potential paper output, and cannabis can be replanted in the same spot every year, instead of having to wait 20+ years for trees to grow in that same acre. Until America rethinks its draconian and bass-ackwards approach to drug policy, we're going to be stuck with this failed Prohibition.

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    I think it should be legal. I bet if they did another poll it would probably be closer to 100% this time around. So much pain for cancer patients. They need somthing to help them keep food down. I say yes and maybe the government should start helping people . Well that was an oxymoron..

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    Since when did the federal government care about popular opinion?

    Of course it should. We can't fight a war in Iraq, a war in Afghanistan and a war on Drugs. Its just too expensive. Funny how people who claim to be against drugs are often the most paranoid.

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    1 decade ago

    Newport Golds a 10 joint pack cost 99.95 a pack with 1.00 to Lorrillard tobacco 2.00 to help American farmers try new crops, and 96.00 to national health care. Also Legalize coke let dentisits prescribe it, so long colgate, we gonna have the Whitest teeth ever !

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    I think all marijuana should be legal. If alcohol and tobbacco are legal, then why is pot illegal? Did you ever hear of someone getting stoned a beating his wife? No, he got stoned and forgot to beat his wife. And I live in Alaska where it's legal to grow it and smoke it.

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    Yes, I think it should be legalized for medical uses.

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