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Are humans just robots?

The consiousness we have is just made up of our five senses and a general feeling of being self aware. But, if you really think about it, its all in the brain brain and brain... Our brain programmes us to think this way that is why we think this way our brain programmes us to feel desire therefore we feel desire... Our brain is organic but if you break it down to parts its not really any difference to any mechanical machine we create...

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    Objection here ...

    Humans Can think for themselves.

    We also have the ability to make our own choices.

    We also can learn to recognize right from wrong ...

    We are certainly Not robots, who can do nothing on their own ....

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    I disagree - it's not all in the brain, and it is different from a manmade mechanism. Our brain isn't all that "programmes" us to feel desire (or anything else). If you focus all your attention on brain, other parts will eventually make your life intolerable.

    Besides the 'five' senses (hearing, smell/taste, sight, touch), we also have proprioception, kinesthesia, emotional sensitivity, etc.

    If you break it down to parts, can you put it back together and get it running again, like a machine?

    We exist within enormous social organisms that, as individuals, we cannot fathom. We are not just individuals. At present, human beings are more adaptable and more useful overall than machines. (Although if Marvin Minsky has his way, this might change).

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    Yes, but we are self aware; machines are not, yet. I think you are confusing two levels of analysis; the ultimate and proximate. It is true that we are nothing more than meat puppets, in an ultimate sense. In a proximate, everyday sense, the love you feel for your near and dear is very real and quite different than any mechanical machine we create.

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    You know I believe you are right about alot of this except for those that have a brave spirit and a good soul. We rebel against all that progamming because we use our free will to fight those powers of the Matrix. Human's trying to program and control us are the robot's and they are being controlled themselves but their egos won't let them believe that about themselves. Personally I think those people belong to Satan. Happy New Year.

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    Animals are closer to robots because their behavior are dictated by their needs.

    Humans, on the other hand, are different from robots because we can choose to do things. We have free will. We can think. We can make choices.

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    I know the brain makes us feel pain, good questions, so your kind of asking us if we are aliens like in Scientology. Maybe, not sure, you have my interest now.

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    ok Our Brain makes you think and feel that way but Our Brain isnt programmed by anyone like robots are.

    We learn and be what we want to be, not what others want us to be

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    Yeah,Haven't you heard that man is the best machine or robot if you wish?

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    If we were able to use all our brain capacity at one time we probably could fly and do supernatural things!

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    We're something like robots. Society programs us.

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