What's a Tauru's year for 2007 look like?

also a taurus with a capricorn

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    Taurus OVERVIEW for 2007:

    Optimism will help you break out of any routines that you want to be free of this year. Focusing on your idealistic approach to life will afford you exciting new opportunities in education and travel. You love exploring the philosophical side of things. Making your home and family environment comfortable is a high priority. Your nurturing desires will return many rewarding opportunities as you build harmonious relationships in your family. Besides needing to work hard to form strategic alliances, you will find groups of people to support you in your business and financial concerns. Your down-to-earth communication skills will benefit you greatly in your social life, and you will attract many new opportunities with your friends. Your visionary and original ideas create insight for others to follow and find their own true path in life. Directing your energy in new ways will bring you lots of good insight into your own needs. People view you as an authority in your career; you bring positive and idealistic changes to the workplace and you act in a responsible way. The risks you take are intellectually evaluated first before you put them into action. You're able to handle the social demands put upon you this year and work things out in a constructive way. You will gain tremendous financial benefits from all your hard work. Business will be very profitable and you really learn how to integrate your gains into your daily life. You definitely will leave a legacy behind you for all your good work. You have an intense focus on personal transformation and feel deeply connected to others. Your big heart will bring you love and harmony in all your personal relationships. You'll feel very fulfilled and loving this year. Enjoy!

    Taurus With Capricorn:

    Both Taurus and Capricorn hold a mutual understanding of each other's personalities and traits. This could quite possibly turn out to be a very compatible marriage. Venus and Saturn blend very well from an emotional point of view. Both need a certain amount of flattery and encouragement though, and this makes it a less harmonious than a perfect match does. Taurus will be the one who must take the lead in this direction. While Capricorn may seem a bit cold and aloof at first, the warm style of Taurus will soon melt the exterior of caution and prudence that is inherent in all Capricorn. A good combination of the basic earth signs. Both are responsible and practical in nature. They even have a mutual desire for success and material things. There is a need to infuse some light-hearted fun when things become too serious; even some conservative fun would be enough. All in all a fairly good match up for these two.

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