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How do I get firefox to open a .nfo file with notepad instead of only asking me where I want to save the file?


I know I can save it and then open it, I'd like notepad to launch right from firefox when I click on a link that is a .nfo file.

Update 2:

.nfo files already have notepad associated with them, firefox refuses to recognize it.

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    Right click on the .nfo,

    Select "Open With"

    Click on "Choose Program"

    In the list of programs that are displayed, find "Notepad", then click on it to select it

    Check the box that says "Always use the selected program to open this kind of file"

    Click "OK"

    Now Windows will tell Firefox (and all other programs for that matter) to open .nfo files in Notepad.

    Now, so Firefox will open it automatically when you click on a .nfo link:

    When you click on the link in Firefox, it should (depending on your download settings) ask you what to do with the file. (open or save). You want to select "Open File", and check the box that says something like, "Alway perform this action with this file type".

    Again, this depends on FF's download settings. Do you have any download manager extensions, or is it the one built into FF?

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    this document opens with notepad merely good click on the document and click open with , elect application (if there) a window will open asking what to do elect a application from the record(this received't seem if there change into "elect application") elect notepad and press ok you may also use the lower than softwares # a favored, loose textual content examining application. Freeware. # Tip: information Small open source viewer for NFO, DIZ, and different ASCII paintings records GPL/Open source software. # Compact NFO Viewer A dedicated DIZ/NFO/TXT document viewer. extremely customizable. Freeware. # rattling NFO Viewer A dedicated NFO document viewer. application change into abandoned. Freeware. # DIZzy Simplistic NFO/DIZ document viewer. Freeware. # NFO2TXT NFO document viewer and converter (NFO to notepad TXT). accessible in English. Freeware. # PabloView a complicated NFO document viewer. Unfinished. calls for the .internet Framework runtime to be put in! # NFOView a million.5 Simplistic NFO viewer. # ArtCine NFO author application for arising NFO records for video clips. Freeware. # NFOpad a million.4 Notepad clone with help for NFO records. Freeware.

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    Make the .nfo file associated with notepad .exactly what james says is doing a file association.

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    You save it first and then go to the directory you saved it in. Then right click then select "Open With" then Notepad.

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