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If you have your husbands ashes with you in the carpool lane is that considered another person?

I was driving in the carpool lane with my husband, his ashes and was pulled over, to me he is a person no matter what form he is in and I'm sure others would agree with me. dead or alive the are still people. The V.C. says high occupency and that is all it says . i think I should fight this ticket because Noone in this world is going to tell me my husband is not a person!! If I had a body in my trunk, would they consider that a person?

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    I think you have to have a physically living person with you to qualify for the carpool lane...

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    Well of course he's a person. But the point of the carpool lane is to reduce the traffic problem and he is certainly doing that, but that's not gonna hold up in court. It has to be living people that need to get somewhere and the more people in a car that's one less car so you get the carpool lane.

    Sorry About your lose :(

    Happy New Year

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    This must be a joke.The ashes would not be a person or occupant. The purpose of the carpool lane is to put those together that would have driven seperately, and your husband can no longer drive.

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    definite, somebody of any age counts as a guy or woman for purposes of applying the carpool lane in California. A pregnant lady does not count selection as 2 human beings, and a funeral casket with a physique in it does not count selection as a guy or woman.

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    Well, not to be mean or anything, sorry about your loss by the way, I think they won't consider his ashes as a person because that would be like saying a jar is a person. Sorry if I'm upsetting you, but I think they only evaluate something as a person only if they can move or cause change to anything.

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    I do believe that the persons occupying the vehicle, have to be living and in body form.

    A deceased person, although still a person, does not count. Your husband was a person, but the ashes in the urn, is just ashes now.

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    Sorry, but I would consider using your husband's ashes in an attempt to use the HOV lanes is exhibiting a lack of respect for the remains of your husband.

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    I'm sorry about your loss , but why was he in the car in the first place, ( Did he have his seat belt on???) because that would have been another ticket.

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    I would think no. I would like to see if you had a dog sitting up front, and got pulled over what they would say.

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    you go girl. the judge may just lol and let u go..

    Source(s): maybe he would rather take the train
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