I'm a nanny-- what are some fun activities to do with a two year old?

Sometimes you just need new ideas to make the child stay interested. Thanks!

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    FINGERPAINTING! It will take up a lot of the afternoon and it's fun and safe! Tape garbage bags to an area on your floor, put down some paper, and let the little one play in his/her diaper! You can use instant vanilla pudding mix and just add food coloring, then it's safe and non-toxic, and it will dry on the paper quite well too.

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    Most of the stuff I'll suggest you can buy at WalMart in the craft section or the school supplies section.

    Buy foam animals & paint - dip the animals in & paint on paper. Buy them foam stickers & put them on paper. Make shapes out of playdough w/ cookie cutters. Put fun stamps on paper. Make a bozo game - take some plastic bowls, put them in a line, have the kid throw a ball starting w/ the first bowl & see how many she/he can make it in. Pick up some leaves from outside, put them under a paper & rub a crayon over them to copy the leaf. Play ring-around-the-rosie. Buy felt in different colors, leave one to be the main piece, w/ the others cut out different things such as shapes or simple things like trees, then the kid can put the shapes on the felt & make different pictures. Get a big plastic spoon (from the kitchen) & play hide & go seek w/ it - hide it in simple places & tell the kid if they are close or far to help them find it. Sing & motion head-shoulders-knees-and-toes.

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    Another activity that captures both the fun and educational categories:

    Stickers! A few publishers have educational books that are filled with pages of vividly colored stickers that require the children to afix them to the appropriately outlined sections.Some focus purely on color, while others focus on letters, etc.

    Again, really fun, but also educational.

    Enjoy your toddler.

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    My 2 yr old loves coloring, play dough, tea parties, dress up and playing dolls. Hope it helps.

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  • Anonymous
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    you can play the Air Plane game ( you pick them up like an air plane and zoom them around a little ) you can color, you can play the tickle mongester game, you can play with cars,or barbies if it is a girl ext

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    figer puppets!!!!! you can draw little faces on your fingers and put on a show for them. its like going to a play for them!

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